• 20 Things You Learn Before You’re 20!

    20 things you learn
    Did I really just turn 20? I’m getting so old ahah! On the 15th I celebrated my 20th birthday with the family. Here is my post on 20 things you learn before I turned 20! In the morning I unfortunately had to go into work. After work me and the family when out for dinner to The Botanist in Marlow. I hadn’t had dinner there before but have had plenty of drinks there before. I love how quirky and shabby chic the decor is. We were sat near the back of the restaurant which is for bigger parties and there was 2 other birthdays on the same day as mine. Check out my other lifestyle posts here. These are the 20 things you learn during your 20s and throughout life.


    The back of the restaurant looks like someone’s house with cute shabby chic decor and crazy lights. For my drink I ordered their Berry Good Time which was fresh blueberries, blackberries, mint with a touch of raspberry syrup. Shaken with apple and cranberry juice, garnished with a sprig of mint served in a mason jar styled jug. For our starter we selected a few dishes from their Deli Menu: Scotch Egg, Greek Salad, Prosciutto Ham, Hummus and Bread.

    We shared these out whilst we waited for a our mains. I ordered their Grilled Chicken Burger with added Bacon and it came with fries. It was sooo yummy I was so full up when I finished it. I opened one of my presents from my Dad which was a West Ham watch that I wanted, it’s rose gold with a black leather strap and it’s gorgeous!

    Once we had finished our meal we went over to the bar and had another drink and had a chat before heading home to eat cake and watch the final football match of the day which was France v Albania and my favourite Payet scored after I begged him to on Twitter hehe!

    For my birthday I received lots of lovely cards from family and friends: Money, Boots Gift Card, West Ham Rose Gold Watch, Pink Grapefruit & Cinnamon Elephant Candle, Love & Guidance Rose Gold Pandora Charm, Ted Baker W Gift Set, Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay Cologne and Jo Malone English Pear & Fressia Body Creme.

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    20 Things You Learn Before You Turn 20!

    1. Don’t bother comparing yourself to others

    It only leads to anger, heartbreak and disappointment. Learn to love yourself and be yourself.

    2. Learn from your mistakes

    Failure is an opportunity, no great man or woman ever achieved significance without great failures to learn from.

    3. Loving yourself is hard

    It’s difficult to love yourself when your trying to learn about who you are.

    4. It’s okay to not have everything figured out

    It’s understandable that not everyone has their whole life figured out, you may seem pressured into making up your mind on what you want in life.

    5. You don’t have as many friends as before

    As you progress through your 20s, you won’t have as many friends as you used to. You both go your separate ways and your interests change. You figure out who are actually going to be there for you and who just want something from you without giving anything in return.

    6. Life doesn’t get any easier

    While it may be exciting and new to venture out on your own but it does come with its challenges. The truth is most of life is a grind and in your 20s you are figuring out the best ways to get through it.

    7. You change jobs, a lot

    It’s tough to be raised with a sense of entitlement. In your 20s it’s okay to change jobs/careers and try out new things especially if you are trying to figure out what you want in life. It also helps you learn new skills and build up your CV. It still is wise to stay at a job for as long as possible but don’t ever feel like you are stuck there.

    8. It’s okay to still be living with your parents

    I am surprised my parents haven’t kicked me or my older brother out yet but buying a house and getting the money together is a scary and expensive jump. According to news outlets One in five people in their 20s and early 30s are still living with their parents.

    9. Relationships make you crazy

    You fall in love, you break up with someone. And you think you’re in love but the other person doesn’t love you back. You think you know what’s important to you but then it changes. Your 20s are full of crazy relationships. I have had 3 relationships before I turned 20 most of them were just silly crushes.

    I probably count them as relationships but they’ve taught me a lot of things for future life. Basically not to make stupid mistakes and to actually think before I go ahead with something and if it’s actually going to work. I have learnt to never date someone younger as they are far more immature and someone older is a lot more mature and thinking of the future.

    10. People are almost never thinking about you

    We worry that people don’t like us. Worry people are gossiping about us. We worry what people will think of us. Over the past few years I have come to realise that people don’t really care or think about us all that much and all they care about are themselves. We have an average of 60,000 thoughts per day.

    Even if they thought about you 2 times a day that is only 0.03% of their brain power. Stop worrying about what people think of you, it’s far more important to think about how you think of yourself. Your thoughts change your actions. Another way to think about it is that your mind changes your brain.

    11. The real world sucks

    You learn a lot of harsh truths about the real world when you hit your 20s. You will learn about rent, paying bills, politics and lots of other important things you need to know for later life and it turns out it’s not all that fun.

    12. You can’t party like you used to

    When you were younger you would go out every weekend and party, do crazy things and stay up late but as you get older all the love for this fades and all you wanna do is just sleep all the time. Your alcohol intolerance drops and staying in in-front of the television sounds a lot more fun than clubbing.

    13. Try new things

    Your 20s is the perfect time to take risks and get outside your comfort zone. Travel the world, learn something new, be more vulnerable. I don’t care what anyone says, your 20s are the best time to explore and try new things.

    14. There is no magic bullet to success

    I used to think that I’d figured it all out in my 20s and then I’d be a success. But remember all of us take a unique path to success and there is no one right path to take. All success comes from hard word, dedication and passion.

    15. It sucks to feel older

    I know a lot of people will say ‘But you’re still so young, your only 20!’ But you will notice your body to change and also your mentality and beliefs.

    16. It’s okay to make bad decisions

    Making decisions and learning from mistakes is the way to learn in life, assuming your perfect is crazy as you won’t go far in life. Learning from a mistake will help you understand not to make that mistake again. One bad decision won’t ruin your life, but really do try to make good choices.

    17. Find a passion

    Finding a hobby and a new passion is a great way to learn new skills and help set up for future life. Take up photography, a new sport or even an unusual hobby. Practice it and use it to develop new skills and ignite your passions.

    18. Keep your beliefs to yourself

    I hate it when people try to stuff their personal beliefs down your throat. Keep your beliefs to yourself and don’t pressure others into things they don’t believe in.

    19. Look after your body and health

    You only have one body, look after it while you have it. Your health and body are important and it’s something you have to live with for the rest of your life. Make healthy choices, eat healthy and stay fit. It’s also not about your physical health but also your mental health, keeping an active mind by reading and doing puzzles to help stimulate the brain for better memory and cognitive activity.

    20. Be yourself

    You can be weird and be wonderful. Be unique, but don’t be fake. Don’t care what other people think and do things you want to do. Have unique and different hobbies and gifts. Have your own fashion sense, music tastes and beliefs. Don’t be like everyone else – don’t be boring. Being unique makes you more fascinating to new people you are going to meet in your life.



    What are some things you’ve learned in life? What 20 things you learn have you learnt?