• A lovely weekend trip to Liverpool with the girls! This is my travel diary in Liverpool, where we spent the weekend exploring and Christmas shopping. Me and my Mum started the weekend off by having a lovely cooked breakfast in our fave little cafe before picking up our other friend and looking around her newly decorated house before hitting the road. It was a very long drive up to Liverpool getting on for 5 hours due to road works on the M40. I visited Liverpool from 25th to the 27th November 2016.


    We stopped at a service station and grabbed Costa for lunch and to have a toilet break. We finally reached Liverpool and met up with our other friend Helen who is originally from Liverpool and is now living in Wales. She showed us to the hotel after we’d parked in a parking lot and we dropped our bags off before heading out to dinner.


    We stayed in the lovely hotel called The Nadler which is now called The Resident, which is an old converted warehouse now turned a 4* hotel. We explored some of the shopping centre and had a coffee break in Rococo House which was a lovely old fashioned house now converted into a quirky tea house and I had their hot chocolate which came with cream and mini marshmallows and after exploring the shops we headed to dinner at Lunya which did really nice and authentic Spanish tapas.

    After dinner we explored a little more and came across this lovely cafe down the road from our hotel called Love Thy Neighbour which was really quirky and had very healthy and vegan/gluten free menus. I had one of their hot chocolates which was really thick and chocolatey and was delicious. We headed back early as we were so tired from all the travelling.


    The next day we got up relatively early and headed to breakfast at our new favourite Love Thy Neighbour. Which I had their smoothie bowl and it was delicious, my smoothie bowl was made up of blended spinach, apple, pineapple and avocado with granola, fresh berries and coconut shavings on the top. It was a completely different consistency to a normal breakfast I would have but it was yummy and I would have it again none the less.


    I also had their freshly made apple juice which was really fresh and frothy. We then explored the two nearby cathedrals. The Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral which was stunning. The stain glass windows were beautiful and when the sunlight reflected off it. It shone a beautiful colour inside. We then went down into the Crypt. Which told us all about the history of the cathedral from being built to what it is used for now for functions etc.


    And we then explored along to the main Liverpool Cathedral. Which is one of the oldest and was equally as beautiful but more traditional. It was a really cold and frosty morning with the frozen cobbles. It was quite dangerous and we even got to see some Superlambanana’s. We then had lunch in Pret in the main shopping centre before heading down to the Mersey. Which we were going on a boat ride along the river. But as it was so foggy it was all cancelled.


    So we went back to the shopping centre to have a look in some more shops. We then headed back to the hotel room early to get showered and changed ready to go out for dinner. We met up with some of Helen’s cousins and their friend at The Pen Factory for dinner which was another yummy tapas meal.

    I got talking to one of Helen’s cousins who’s a Geography teacher. And we got talking about Iceland as I have been dreaming of travelling there for ages. We then went on to the famous The Philharmonic Pub for some more drinks and had a group chat before heading back to the hotel for an early-ish night.

    After being woken up at 1:30am by security and being asked if were smoking marijuana. We got up quite early after a little lie in and headed out to our last breakfast at Love Thy Neighbour. Which I had another of their apple juices and then had smashed avocado on sourdough toast. And also two poached eggs with some fresh cress which was really yummy.

    We then checked out of our hotel and headed back to the car park before our long journey home. Which was actually shorter than coming but was probably still about 3 hours.

    Have you ever been to Liverpool? Want to go? Where would you like to visit in the UK?