• Imagine Dragons At The O2 5.11.2015

    Spending two days in London and seeing one of my favourite bands Imagine Dragons live at The O2. Went to London to see one of my favourite bands live at The O2 with my Dad. And then exploring and shopping in Westfields and visiting in The Ice Bar.



    An amazing night at The O2 with my Dad watching our favourite bands. Catching plenty of trains up to Greenwich and checked in to our Premier Inn Hotel before heading to The O2. Grabbed a bite to eat at Byron Burgers in The O2. We headed into the venue and grabbed a drink before sitting down. I have to say the seats I got had the best view I ever had in a large venue like The O2.

    We had a great view of the stage and could see everything. But we weren’t horrendously close that everyone in front of you got in your way. Sunset Sons kicked off the concert with their set. Me and my Dad have recently fallen in love with their music. So I was really excited when I saw they were the supporting act to Imagine Dragons. I just had to get us tickets. Whilst waiting for Imagine Dragons to come on they had music playing and we had a little chat.


    Imagine Dragons came on and they were amazing as always. We saw them in Brixton O2 Academy 2 years before on their Night Visions tour. And they have evolved so much over the past few years and I have so much love for them. They didn’t play one song that we didn’t like (which we love all of their songs). They mixed their old songs along with their new album Smoke + Mirrors which I LOVE.

    They’ve also played their new song which is dedicated to the homeless refugees living in Germany. The download proceeds will go towards to help the refugees get shelter and food etc. Which is an amazing cause and such a generous thing. The song is called I Was Me and you can check out the video here! I got so many amazing shots and video footage on my new camera, I was so impressed with how great they came out. I used the setting Shutter Priority and played around with the F Stops and other little settings. 



    After such an amazing night we got up relatively early to grab breakfast in a pretty naff cafe my Dad found but it was a well earned english breakfast after all of the travelling we did the day before. We headed back to the hotel afterwards and checked out of our rooms and took our luggage to the storage room for later. We then headed to Westfield’s in Stratford for a little bit of retail therapy, which I only picked up 2 small things which I will do in a mini haul post soon.

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    Which I topped up on my favourite all time perfume BonBon by Viktor & Rolf which I got a little discount on and the Hey Roomie reed diffuser from Zoella’s new Christmas line, which I was really excited about, so that is making my bedroom smell really nice. Dad also picked up a few little bits before we headed to Borough Market for a little exploring, which Dad picked up a few delicatessen bits including blueberry, red wine and also walnut sausages, as well as a very strong cheese, creamy goats cheese and a few spices. After that we headed to our booking at The Icebar in Oxford Street which we was really excited about trying, arriving a few minutes early we grabbed a drink in a nearby bar before heading in. 

    They give you a thermal cape with a hood and also gloves that are attached which you will need because it’s -5 degrees in the room. You can choose from any non-alcoholic, alcoholic cocktail or spirit drink on their menu for free and then you can pay for any other drinks you want whilst your in there. My non-alcoholic cocktail was called L.A Woman which was made of cranberry juice, orange juice and strawberry syrup – YUM!

    You can be in there for a maximum of 40 minutes as it’s so cold but you can come out whenever you are ready, we was in there for about 30 minutes before we couldn’t feel our fingers anymore. Your drinks glass is made entirely from ice, as well as the walls, bar and seats and all the sculptures that are in the room. They played loud music and coloured lights which set the scene perfectly.

    They reminded me of the Northern Lights. It is definitely a place to visit and explore but I’m not sure if it’s somewhere to go back to more than once as there isn’t much you can do there. I thought it would be a lot bigger than just one room but I was wrong. It would be cool if they could expand and make more rooms that you can explore.


    After finishing at The Icebar, we headed towards one of our favourite restaurants in London which is Honest Burgers. If you haven’t heard of them before, they are a chain of burger restaurants that are spread out over London. I have been to 4 out of the 10 that are around. They make their burgers and everything on their menu from local produce including their beers.

    I always choose my favourite which is their grilled chicken breast burger; with lettuce, tomatoes, mustard mayo and rosemary chips complete with their homemade lemonade. We also ordered a side of their onion rings too. After a delicious meal and feeling stuffed and worn out we headed for the tube and travelled home.

    Have you seen anyone at The O2? What was your experience there?