• A Day On Lokrum Island

    We decided on spending a day on Lokrum Island as it was closer and much cheaper than a trip to Kravice Waterfalls. This is my guide to spending a day on Lokrum Island in Dubrovnik. As my time in Dubrovnik was coming to an end, me and some of the remaining WMGT group decided to take a trip over to Lokrum Island to explore and spend our final full day together. We had originally talked about taking the bus to Kravice Waterfalls but it didn’t quite go to plan.

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    We all got up early in the morning, had our breakfast and all met up at the base of the Walls of Dubrovnik for our final group activity together after purchasing our tickets. I will get onto more about walking the Walls in another post.


    day on lokrum island

    After we had all walked the Walls in the gorgeous morning sun and was feeling a little hot and bothered. A few of the group went off to move onto different places or start making their way home. The rest of us headed towards Dubrovnik port to catch the 15 minute ferry over to Lokrum Island. The ferry will cost 40 Kuna for a return trip and there is so much to do on Lokrum. Sadly I didn’t get to do all of it but it was nice what I did do. It was great to just relax after an action packed week exploring Croatia.

    A gorgeous nature reserve just a short boat trip from Dubrovnik.

    We started off walking around the woodlands in the middle of Lokrum Island. And came across lots of wild rabbits and gorgeous peacocks walking around. We then headed towards The Dead Sea pool which was the perfect place to sunbathe. It was great cool down after a warm morning walking around the Walls. A few others from the group joined us and we regrouped whilst spending some time together. A few of them had to leave for their flights home. After that we then headed to a cafe to grab cold drinks and ice creams. I picked up a much needed Hazelnut and Praline Magnum which I was dying to have.

    Then a few others left the group to head their separate ways and the rest of us walked through the woodlands to the main rocky beach to sunbathe, chill and swim in the nice cold sea to cool down. We had the most perfect view of Dubrovnik from our spot whilst sharing lots of giggles and stories.

    There is plenty of other things to do on Lokrum Island including visiting the Game Of Thrones Throne, explore Benedictine Monastery, walk through the Botanical Garden or explore the shelter of King Richard The Lionhart.

    Will you visit Lokrum Island on your trip to Dubrovnik?