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  • Inspired By Iceland | A New Skincare Range

    Since I travelled to Iceland. I have heard so many people rave about the clay that is in the Blue Lagoon. And how good it is for your skin but as I didn’t go there I couldn’t try it. That…

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  • My Thoughts On Tampon Tax And Why It’s Ridiculous

    I had a very random thought the other morning as I was coming off of this months cycle. And thought I should write a blog post on my thoughts on tampon tax. And why I think it shouldn’t exist. I…

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  • Are Our Beauty Products Toxic?

    Now you may be looking at this post title thinking ‘Huh, what is she talking about?!’, so let me get into it. I was searching the web for ways to naturally look after your skin as my skin has been…

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  • Exploring The Rustic Scent Of Jo Malone English Oak Colognes

    I’ve got to admit that I am not normally a fan of the woody scents in colognes and perfumes. But I was really intrigued by the new range that is launching very soon. It is their new Jo Malone English…

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  • 11 Cruelty Free Alternatives To Your Beauty Favourites

    I have seen quite a few of my friends struggle trying to find cruelty free alternatives of their favourite products. If anyone else is wanting to go cruelty free. This might help them switch their beauty products. If you have…

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  • Cruelty Free Fragrances Perfect For Spring & Summer

    These are my top cruelty free perfumes for Spring & Summer. This is my post about the perfect perfumes for spring. I previously did a post about Cruelty Free Fragrances Perfect For Autumn & Winter and wanted to do something…

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