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    Fancy eating in a restaurant with its own shop and quirky rustic vibe? Why not try Bill’s? A few nights ago it was my Dads 55th birthday. And we took him out for meal in a new restaurant that had opened up on Marlow called Bill’s. They are mostly known for their American style food and we thought we’d give it a try. We’ve heard so many good things from other people who had been, so we thought why not! We originally planned to go to Ascot to see a few races and have a meal out. But the plans changed. After dinner my brother bought us a few drinks in the Slug & Lettuce.

    LOCATION: 40 West Street, Marlow, SL7 2NB – WEBSITE: www.bills-website.co.uk

    For a starter we all shared their Spiced Homemade Nachos which came with salsa, guacamole and tzatziki, which they were super crispy and yummy. For my main I took quite a while trying to decide what to have but in the end I went for their Naked Burger, which at first I thought what’s the point but I gave it a go anyway and it was yummy, I also ordered a side dish of their Skin on Fries which is basically french fries so it was just the right amount to fill me up and to drink I tried their Pink Lemonade which was really nice and refreshing and came with a garnish of strawberries.

    The atmosphere was buzzing and almost all of the tables were full which means you would need to book to guarantee a chance at getting a table. All of the waiters were really friendly and attentive and the service was pretty quick. All of the food looked and tasted amazing and they had a wide range of choices on their menu for everyone including vegetarians.The restaurant is really quirky and different and they even have their own shop where you can buy their own products such as jams, marmalades, chocolate bars, larder stock like flour etc and lots more stock. There are two other restaurants located around Buckinghamshire, one in Windsor and one opening soon in High Wycombe. There are also loads of other restaurants around the country. So check out their website and see if there’s one near you.

    PHOTOS: Me & Bill’s Website
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