• There Is More To Iceland Than Just The Blue Lagoon

    more to iceland

    One thing that really bugs me is when people only associate the Blue Lagoon with Iceland. There is actually more to Iceland than the Blue Lagoon. I mean yes its a huge tourist attraction there but it’s actually not all that special. It’s a huge rip off and gets majorly overcrowded super quickly. Everyone I see is all like ‘I’M SO EXCITED TO GO TO ICELAND’ and always link a picture of the Blue Lagoon to it. It always makes me cringe. There is soooo much more to see in Iceland than just the Blue Lagoon.

    Iceland is filled with so much nature, culture and religion which is so much more than a hot steaming pool. You can get exactly the same affect in your local spa’s hot tub and apply a face mask and BAM! – you have your very own Blue Lagoon albeit without the amazing scenery but still.

    If you do enough research you will find that there is so much more that Iceland has to offer. Definitely more than just their lagoon springs that you can visit. Unless you want to stay in one place the whole time, you won’t see all that Iceland has to offer. And it really bugs me when people travel to a country and only spend time in one place. And they don’t explore everything, including the culture, food, nature or history the country has.

    The planet and all the countries it has are so huge and beautiful. Life is too short to not see everything! This post kind of links in with my 7 Reasons Why I Love Iceland and all it has to offer. If you would like to read more about my time in Iceland everything you need to see, keep reading for a more quick read write up or you can read all of my posts on Iceland here.

    There is more to Iceland than the Blue Lagoon

    more to iceland

    Need I say anymore – the sheer power of these waterfalls will blow you away and the natural landscapes will make you want to leave your camera out and snap away. Not often do you get to stand a few feet away from real icebergs and glaciers!

    How often do you get to visit a cathedral that’s built on the idea of natural basalt stacks with a view of the gorgeous city from above.

    more to iceland

    Eating some freshly baked bakery goods whilst walking around Reykjavik centre or if you fancy being adventurous why not try an Icelandic special of puffin or whale?

    Their street art definitely puts ours to shame because theirs is far more artistic than ours could ever be in certain places. Don’t get me wrong but some of ours is really pretty and artistic but you also see the horrible gangster related graffiti which just ruins London and some other places in our country as well. Iceland’s street art makes their buildings look really pretty and like pieces of art.



    What are you most excited to see if you visit Iceland?