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    The only nail polish brands I trust and my little collection! Just the other day I had a huge clear out of my nail polishes. Chucking out old ones that have dried up, no longer suit me or ones I no longer wear and only kept the ones I really enjoy using. I decided to write up this post to share with you my all time favourite nail polish brands and the reasons why I trust them.

    They are all budget brands and ones you can buy at a really affordable price! The same with my clothes, I only tend to wear certain colours that actually suit me, it’s the same with my nail polishes. In nail polishes I will never wear green, yellow or brown. As I looked at the pile I realised how many of these polishes I hardly used and decided to either chuck them out as they had dried up or I’ve put them up for sale on my depop!

    Nailed London with Rosie Fortescue

    A recent nail polish brand find for me, as I watch Made In Chelsea and Rosie Fortescue who stars in MIC has released her own nail polish brand with Nailed London. Her collection are all gel wear polishes with a 3 step system to help you achieve a long wearing gel nail look at home. I found them on Feel Unique, which as you know is my holy grail place to buy makeup and cosmetics.

    You have a Base Coat, Colour Polish or Glitter Polish and Top Coat to help you achieve a long lasting look. When I get my nails done at my local nail bar, I have tried and tested these polishes out, during the day at work I am constantly using my hands and typing so this was a good test to test out these polishes, and I have to say these polishes do live up to the 2 possibly 3 week mark which is amazing.


    Possibly everyone’s favourite nail polish brand and one that released amazing colours and collections of polishes. My nail bar have such a huge range of OPI polishes and I was always going back to the selection to choose and try out a new nail colour. Even though these aren’t gel polishes they do last a very long time for just normal polishes which is amazing. Their formulation is so nice and you only need 2 coats at the maximum to achieve a nice coat of colour. The brushes are a nice shape that cover the whole nail to make it quick and easier to apply your chosen polish.

    Barry M

    Another one that is everyone’s favourite nail polish brand. The formulation of their polishes are amazing and their selection of colours and finishes is something else. I have quite a few of their polishes in many different finishes and I am still slowly adding to my collection. I don’t know what it is but there is something satisfying about having a nice shaped bottle that when they are all lined up together they all fit together perfectly. It’s silly I know! They last quite a long time for a normal polish and the finish is really nice on all of them. Again a nice thick consistency so you only need 2 coats at the maximum and the brushes cover the whole nail so the application is nice and quick.


    If you didn’t already know H&M have recently released their own Beauty line which features lots of makeup and cosmetics and also accessories for your cosmetics, one of the things they released was nail polishes. Although you may be skeptical of a clothing brand releasing cosmetics, H&M is probably one of my favourite ones and they are all sooo affordable. The bottles of these polishes are really cute and such a cool shape, plus the polishes come in really nice colours and have a nice formulation and finish for such an affordable brand.

    I also really like using Ciate polishes but I don’t have many of those to make a collection of but I’m hoping to add more sometime soon and I also have one from Look Beauty but the company closed down so I can’t get their polishes anymore which is really sad and annoying but I really like the polish I have which is a really nice grey/silver.



    What are your favourite polishes to wear? Which brands to you trust?
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