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  • 5 Things To Do In Chiang Mai

    It always hurts to leave such a beautiful country and eventually return back to reality and try to get back into your normal routine so I wanted to temporarily return back to this gorgeous holiday and write up my favourite…

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  • How To Spend 24 Hours In Bangkok

    This post was kindly sponsored by Accor Hotels. How to spend 24 hours in my favourite city – Bangkok! My top picks of things to do if you are spending 24 hours in Bangkok, Thailand. Now this is kind of cheating…

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  • A Guide To Bangkok, Thailand | How To Spend A Couple Of Days

    LANDING IN BANGKOK Spending a few days in Bangkok paradise is one way to start your New Year! It’s certainly a destination to go to. Everything looks so beautiful and grand and it just looks like paradise. It has been…

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