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    Are wholesale products actually good or a waste of money and time? Find out! If you are a self obsessed beauty lover like me then you might have heard the term Wholesale being thrown around here and there. Only recently have I decided to look into it on eBay and thought I might purchase some products to see if they are actually any good. I did a little collective haul on eBay buying some wholesale lip products and I’m going to do a little haul post and also talk about the pros and cons of buying wholesale beauty products online.


    Wholesale is basically when the sale and distribution of goods and products to users other than end consumers. Wholesaling involves selling merchandise to retailers, wholesalers and merchants or to industrial, commercial and institutional users. Many of the products are old products that are often more than one of the same but at an affordable price. With beauty products you may buy a whole set of lipglosses but have 5 of one shade and 2 of the others but I guess that’s a bonus with getting more for your money and buying products that nobody no longer wants.


    – Products that usually come in a set/buying more than one product
    – Really affordable prices
    – Buying products that are no longer on sale in shops
    – Products that no one wants to buy anymore
    – Buying a dupe version of a more expensive product


    – Receiving more than one of the same product
    – Storing a huge bulk of products
    – Old and outdated products
    – Receiving a bad batch/faulty products
    – Buying fakes/replicas of the original product


    IMAGIC Matte Lipstick Paints

    These are from a Chinese brand and came from China which I was really sceptical about but they really intrigued me. I purchased quite a few colours but at £1.25 each I couldn’t say no, even if I have to wait a couple of weeks for them to arrive. I purchased quite a range of colours from nudes, mauve pinks to a deep plum red. They have a really nice matte finish to them and feel nice on the lips.

    They do take a little bit of work to get off but I guess that’s good as you know they will last all day without coming off when eating food or drinking. I found using a good makeup remover really helps when getting this product off your lips. The packaging is simple but doesn’t feel cheap even for a £1 product. They actually arrived quicker than expected which is amazing and I’m happy with the service I’ve received. Usually I have really bad experiences with eBay sellers from China but these guys were pretty good and even gave me a 10% off code for my next purchase with them.

    NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams

    I thought were legit when I purchased them, but when they arrived the packaging was completely different and it turns out they are fakes of the real things which is something you need to be wary of but it’s only because the seller used a legit stock photo and listed them as a NYX branded products and didn’t give any indication to them being fakes, which is a gamble you take when buying wholesale products especially being online. I purchased the 3 nude shades London, Abu Dhabi and Stockholm which are all really nice shades.

    The packaging is bigger than the original and has a random quote at the bottom which the real ones don’t have and also the stock code is different to the originals which is how you can tell it’s fake. As for the actual product, it feels fine on the lips, and the pigmentation and smell is exactly like the original it just takes slightly longer for it to dry matte like the originals. As for there being a few things different to the originals you actually can’t tell the difference to them being fakes.

    Burt’s Bees Lip Shine Lipgloss

    I already have one shade in Smooch which is a lovely plum purple that I received in a Glossybox and I really wanted to pick up a few more shades so I picked up Whisper, Wink, Pucker and Flutter which all range from pretty pink nudes to a plum red. The packaging is exactly the same as the one I already have apart from a slight change in the wording and that it says NEW on the top of the tube because these were new shades that had been released so these are the legit originals. I love wearing these over a lipstick or lip liner for a more glossy look and they all smell really nice as they have bees wax and lots of other natural ingredients.

    Have you purchased any wholesale products before?
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    Pros & Cons Of Buying Wholesale Beauty Products