• Found Photos: Istanbul, Turkey

    These are my found photos from Istanbul, which was a short city break with my parents. It’s such a beautiful city – you need to visit! These are all the photos that I could find at the moment. But once…

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  • Isle of Wight Festival 2015 + Travel Diary

    My second time attending my favourite festival and spending my 19th in IOW! This is my travel diary from Isle Of Wight. So it’s my second time attending Isle of Wight Festival but the line up wasn’t as good as…

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  • Ted Baker: Peony Dusky Pink/Rose Gold Travel Bag

    Do you love rose gold as much as I do? Check out this Ted Baker travel bag. It’s perfect for your travel hand luggage. A gorgeous rose gold and dusty pink travel case perfect for your hand luggage or short…

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  • Found Photos: New York & Orlando, USA

    These are some very old found photos from New York and Orlando. I went to New York with my family in 2009. We went over my brothers birthday. He was 11 and I was 9 so it was a very…

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  • The Foundation Matrix Review

    Need help finding your foundation shade, look no further! Need help choosing your foundation shade? Why not check out my The Foundation Matrix review which details what this tool can do. The Foundation Matrix is a new gadget that I’ve…

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  • Finnamore Wood Prison | Marlow, Buckinghamshire

    I still can’t forget the creepy vibe this abandoned Finnamore Wood prison gave me. Brrr! I had an old post about this but I wanted to re-do the post and refresh the content of it. This is an old photography…

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