• Blogging Stationery Haul with PaperChicCo and Typo

    I’ve just placed this rather large blogging stationery haul with two favourite shops Typo and PaperChicCo which I have recently fallen in love with. The idea behind this haul was to buy matching or coordinating stationery for my desk and…

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  • 5 Things To Do In Chiang Mai

    It always hurts to leave such a beautiful country and eventually return back to reality and try to get back into your normal routine so I wanted to temporarily return back to this gorgeous holiday and write up my favourite…

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  • 5 Ways To Live With An Anxious Person (By An Anxious Person)

    I took a little inspiration from InTheFrow’s post 3 Ways To Live With A Workaholic (By A Workaholic). But I wanted to tweak it slightly into ways of living with someone who has anxiety. Written by someone who themselves suffers…

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  • How To #YearOfYou While You Travel | 3 Helpful Tips

    How to keep up with your #YearOfYou whilst you travel! I decided to write up a post on how to keep up with your #YearOfYou project whilst you travel and as I’m going away next Thursday. TRAVELLING CRYSTALS Turquoise –…

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  • My Favourite Incense Sticks

    My favourite incense sticks to use! Since taking part in #YearOfYou I have been trying to find ways to help calm and control my anxiety. One of the things I love doing is burning scented incense sticks in my bedroom….

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  • Cruelty Free Travel Friendly Beauty Products

    This post contains affiliate links. Read my Privacy Policy for more information. Since turning cruelty free I have been on the hunt for cruelty free travel friendly beauty products. It has proven to be a lot more difficult. As most cruelty…

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