• #BLOGMASDAY11Sharing with you my favourite fashion editorials. I’m not a person with a great sense of style. But I do seem to know what styles I do like. So I’ve picked my favourite fashion editorials and am going to write a little bit about why I like them.

    Do you enjoy fashion editorials too?

    I’m a little hit and miss when it comes to Victoria (In The Frow). Sometimes I really like her and other times I can’t stand her. I don’t know what it is, maybe it’s a spot of jealousy. Because I feel like she has the perfect life and the perfect everything. Sometimes I get really annoyed with how much money she can just splash out on a new handbag and new designer clothes and get jealous of the amount of times she can fly to amazing places and be part of amazing experiences and work with big brands. It’s obviously jealousy, right? Who wouldn’t love to have a life like that?! I’m still not quite sure how I feel about Victoria, as I always get waves of jealousy and waves of awe about her so I’m still deciding where I stand with her.

    Victoria Magrath for Phoenix Magazine

    I love this photo from a shoot Victoria did with Phoenix Magazine. I’m not normally a fan of crazy makeup but I love the red/pink eyeshadow around her eyes. It adds a vibrant pop to the photo along with the baby blue furry jumper/shawl. Her crimped hair around her face and the furry shawl adds a great amount of texture and the gloss on her lips. The stackable rings on her fingers and the cut out detailing on the sleeves of her shirt add more amount of texture. The slightly open mouth and expression on her face adds a slightly sultry mood to the photo without being too much. I love the different textures used in this photograph and the different pastel shades used to create a soft feeling within the photo.

    Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Bazaar

    Now I absolutely adore Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, she is literally my girl crush. I absolutely love her range with Autograph and Marks & Spencers. If I could look like anyone it would be her but a brunette version. (Can someone make that happen please!!) This editorial was done for the Harper’s Bazaar Magazine September 2013 edition. First of all I love her dress. The gorgeous dusty blue shade and the 3D floral pattern all over the dress. With the low neckline and straps adds a hint of sexiness to the dress.

    Her hair has been curled and is slightly messy to cover part of her face. The makeup is very natural with her brows neatly filled in and a slight amount of gloss on her lips. Her lips are slightly open for a hint of sultriness whilst looking directly at the camera. Her hands are behind her and is standing in a relaxed position but it doesn’t look lazy. Just effortless and sexy. I especially love the pastel in her dress and the background – the pink and the blue go really well together.

    Jonathan Knowles Photographer

    I’m not sure who this model is but I studied this photographer Jonathan Knowles and his work for my A Level

    Photography studies piece on portraits and lighting. I just love the coloured lights this photographer has used to create a rainbow effect across the photograph. Really love how the models hair is curly and swept across her face with a few strands flying out of place almost like a wind machine is being used. I love her dark vampy lipstick and the full brow with a basic eye look. Her dress is all pretty and sequined which reflects some of the lighting creating a rainbow effect on the sleeve of her dress.

    She is looking sexily at the camera with her lips slightly apart whilst looking down at the camera/photographer with her hand near her neck and she’s wearing a very large silver ring. I love the texture of the dress with the sequins and the softness of her curls in her hair.

    Unknown Model and Photographer

    I’ve got no idea who took this or who the model is but something about this one intrigued me. I think it’s the models hair and the retro styled glasses she is wearing. As you can probably already tell that I chose these fashion editorials because of the pastel colours featured in it.

    I like the pink tint to her hair and how her hair is messily swept across to one side. The pastel pink dress adds a casual touch and the sequin shorts that can be seen under the sheer dress adds a touch of bling to the photo. She is wearing a chunky silver bracelet and pink cat eye style glasses which adds a retro vibe to the whole outfit. Her face is showing a sultry expression with her lips slightly apart and her eyes looking directly at the camera with one hand behind her head and the other in a relaxed position near her face.

    What are your favourite fashion editorials?

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