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    I have always considered myself an Apple person. Ever since I got my first iPod I have always purchased with Apple. For iPods, iPhones and had always wanted to buy a MacBook. Until I finally got my MacBook Air last year which I absolutely love. And earlier this year picked up my Apple Watch.

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    But it wasn’t until recently that I fell out of love with the new iPhones coming out – mainly because a few features of the new phones I really didn’t like and I was just getting bored of the same old look to the iPhones and operating systems. So I did quite a lot of research into a new phone, this time not being an iPhone or with Apple. I had heard so many rave reviews about the new Google Pixel phones especially for the camera and how familiar it is to Apple users so it would be an easy switch.


    I also desperately needed to change my phone contract as I was fed up of paying a ridiculous amount each month for such an old phone still and really didn’t want to upgrade to the 8 or X so I searched through Carphone Warehouse for a good deal and managed to find the Google Pixel 2 in White on O2 for £49 a month on a 24 month contract which was almost half what I was paying already for my old iPhone 6 so that was a bonus as well as the right amount of data, calls and texts for me.

    My favourite features of the Google Pixel 2:

    • The fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone
    • The great quality camera (the wallpaper on my phone was taken with this camera)
    • The familiarity between Android Pie 9.0 and iOS Softwares
    • Customisation of home screens and apps
    • Automatic updates of apps without having to press update
    • Refunding of purchased apps you don’t want to keep after 30 days
    • Transfer old iPhone data onto new Android phone
    • Quick Search using Google and in Photos

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    I am so glad I have made the jump and I am absolutely in love with my new phone. It’s definitely a great change from having an iPhone although I do still love the other Apple products. I just desperately needed to change my phone and it definitely came at a good time for the change. If you would like to know more about the Google Pixel 2, give me a shout.


    Have you thought about changing phone make yet?

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