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    I finally have my own little collection of Makeup Geek shadows. This is my first time trying out Makeup Geek eyeshadows as I’ve heard so much hype. And so many lovely comments about how good they are, I thought I should try them out. Oh my gosh I now understand what the hype is all about. They are so pigmented, and such a buttery texture that makes them so easy to blend. You can get them in soooo many pretty colours.

    I’m going with the mauve, gold and pink theme with my palette. As they are the colours that suit me the most. It’s also amazing pairing these eyeshadow pans with a Z Palette. Because you can easily customise your palette to your tastes. I purchased my first batch of pans via eBay which as you can see below they were much more expensive than the ones that I purchased from BeautyBay.com so I recommend going via Beauty Bay.

    Large Raspberry Chevron Z Palette

    This is the perfect palette and is really pretty. I got this large palette to house my new Makeup Geek single eyeshadow pans. Which is a new hype and brand I’ve purchased from. This palette is mainly a pretty raspberry colour with lots of other bright colours in a chevron design. The palette holds quite a lot of shadows and is very sturdy and strong. Also with a clear lid so you can what’s inside the palette. It’s very slim line so it’s great for travelling and it also protects your shadows. Because the lid doesn’t leave any space between your eyeshadows and the top of lid so they can’t crack or break.

    I’ve now joined the hype of Makeup Geek’s eyeshadow pans. I like that you can build your personalised eyeshadow palette to your personal taste of eyeshadows. Mixing matte and shimmer shades to create your perfect look. I have gone with a mauve and gold theme with these eyeshadows. Each Makeup Geek eyeshadow is incredibly pigmented and have a buttery texture. Which makes them so easy to blend and work with.

    I then purchased quite a lot of the Makeup Geek Single Eyeshadow Pans. In the shades…


    Confection, this first eyeshadow that I purchased is a matte pale mauve. Which will be great as a crease and transition shade. Shimma Shimma, is one of the most hyped highlighting shades within Makeup Geek eyeshadows. It’s such a pretty shimmery white shade, perfect for in the tear duct or highlighting the brow bone.
    Twilight, is a really pretty light mauvy purple with a slight shimmer in it, it’s perfect for using in the outer v or over the lid.
    Vanilla Bean, is another really nice highlighting shade with a slight cream colour to it and a slight shimmer.

    Cinderella, is a really pretty pearly pink with a shimmer in it, perfect for on the outer v or over the lid.
    Beaches & Cream, is the perfect crease shade for those with a light skin tone and if you are doing a eye look with light colours such as baby pinks and peach tones. It’s the perfect light peach shade that blends in with light skin tones.
    Creme Brulee, is another one of MG’s most loved shades as it’s the perfect crease shade for a warm eye look especially if you are using nude browns and reddy shades. It’s a really natural nude brown shade with a slight orange undertone.
    Bleached Blonde, is the natural and best gold shade I have seen in an eyeshadow, I love wearing gold eye looks so this shade is perfect for me. It’s got the right amount of shimmer in it that blends perfectly.

    Glamorous, is a really nice golden peach shade, perfect for the outer v in a nice golden eye look.
    Homecoming, is a mauvy bronze kind of shade which will be really nice paired with Confection in the crease.
    Purely Naked, is another really nice crease shade along with Creme Brulee, Purely Naked is slightly lighter and great for those with light to medium skin tones.
    Prom Night, is a really nice taupe purple shade with a light amount of shimmer in it perfect for the outer v or even over the lid. Cosmopolitan, is the prettiest peach gold I have seen anyone do. It’s fairly similar to It’s Complicated by Benefit and it’s a really rich colour with gold shimmer in it.

    Sensuous, is quite a dark mauve purple with a slight hint of shimmer in it, which would look really pretty paired with Cupcake in the crease and this shade on the outer v, which is a pretty warm toned pink.
    Moondust, is a slightly grey mauve shade with a hint of shimmer in it, perfect if you like darker shades and this would look great in the outer v to create a smokey eye look.

    Have you tried these eyeshadows before? What do you think?

    PS. I am currently away in Thailand for the next two weeks so no posts will go live while I’m away apart from this one. However if you want to keep up to date with what’s going on, be sure to check out my Twitter and Instagram for what I am up to!

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