• How To Move On When You Meet People You Instantly Don’t Like

    We all meet someone in our lives who you instantly don’t like. My guide is going to help you move on and get away from them. You either met them through a friend and you grew to like them. You met them on a trip and you instantly didn’t like them or their vibe. I have had that happen to me many of times, and I’m sure you have too. The best thing to do is to move on and get rid of that negative energy in your life. But how do you do it?


    • Everything they do annoys you
    • Coming across as stuck up or full of themselves
    • Not paying any attention to you
    • Being around them makes you feel something else other than happy
    • You want to change them/aspect of them

    I have come across so many people who I didn’t get along with for various different reasons. It may be that we just didn’t agree on certain things or they did something to me which caused us to fall out. We all go through phases where we meet people who we don’t like and that’s okay. Throughout life we gradually learn who is meant to be in our life and who isn’t.

    There was about 3 people on my last group trip who I just wanted to punch in the face, because their vibe didn’t agree with mine!
    Have you always wanted to know how to move on?

    You can find out more below.

    I have met people through friends and we just didn’t get along. Or I’ve met people through trips I’ve been on and we just didn’t click. They start off wanting to be friendly and nice to you and then they turn sour for no reason. The worst part of it is when they act like you’ve done something wrong.

    It can be quite frustrating not knowing the real reason behind them cutting you from your life, but it feels great when you do it to them. I have no time for time wasters or toxic relationships and people. If someone isn’t adding any light to my life, I literally have no space for them. I can’t waste any time on people who cause drama and arguments.

    It may sound harsh but it’s just the way it goes sometimes. I am still focusing on my #YearOfYou project to help myself and improve everything in my life. Filling my life with great people who actually care and want to spend time with me. It’s also benefiting my mental health which is one of the main reasons why I started it. I have a whole series of posts which is linked above filled with how I’m getting on and tips you can use for yourself.

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    • Block/Remove them from social medias you have them on
    • Make no effort to stalk them/follow them
    • Not follow people who are friends with them
    • Replace them with someone better in your life
    • Fill the void with something more positive
    • Focus on something that makes you happy

    I know it can be quite hard to start with to block and remove someone from your life but with time it gets easier. It will definitely benefit you and your life in the long run. It takes everything in my power not to bother checking on them or what they’re doing but it feels good not caring.

    move on

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    How do you on from someone negative in your life? Let me know in the comments below.