• handmade bracelets

    Two really pretty handmade bracelets from a Spanish Street Market. I picked up two little handmade bracelets from a street market in Mallorca. Whilst on holiday in Mallorca, we were having drinks in our favourite local bar. There was a street market going on along on the main strip, so we decided to check it out and they had lots of really nice handmade things including handmade wax candles that smelled like a LUSH shop which I loved.

    A few stalls down there was a really nice jewellery stand which was selling all handmade jewellery from rocks and natural stones that had been found on the local beaches and areas. We managed to get a deal with the girl behind the stall and I picked up two of her bracelets for 15 Euros. I picked up this blue natural stone bracelet with a gold bangle and also a pink natural stone with a golden chain bracelet. They are very delicate but look really pretty and girly, and I’ll only wear them on special occasions as I don’t want to break/damage them.

    What do you think of these bracelets? Do you own any handmade jewellery?
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