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    My tips on everything you need to know about festivals & how to survive. I’ve been to my fair share of festivals so far being Reading, Isle of Wight and V Festival. So I’ve picked up quite a few helpful tips and ways of surviving. As well as having fun and enjoying it at the same time. The key is to not being stupid and to always stay safe and responsible. Here are my tips on everything you need to know from my experience at music festivals.

    1. Pack the essentials

    Hand sanitiser, face/hand wipes, tissues, paracetamol, plasters and blister plasters, deodorant, mini hair brush, beauty essentials. I don’t think I’d be able to survive without these essentials. I remember the time I almost got caught out in one of the toilets that didn’t have any toilet paper. And I’m just so glad I had tissues in my bag. Hand sanitiser is a must to wash your hands before eating and also after the toilet. Make sure your hands are clean. I had to survive one day at a festival with a banging headache and no paracetamol. And then some of the awful music I had to hear made it 10x worse. So I never go to a music festival without packing paracetamol.

    2. You will always come across assholes

    Whether they are drunk or still rarely sober you will always come across assholes which is basically throughout your whole life too. Some of the security people can be assholes too, believe me! I had a asshole security guard searching through my bag as we were going into the festival gates who took my full can of deodorant off me, does he not think you will need that during the day getting hot and sweaty and will want to keep some personal hygiene in tact. Luckily I did have a roll on deodorant in my makeup bag but seriously a full can that’s worth like £4 just wasted because he wanted to be an asshole – so make sure you hide your can of deodorant well within your bag.

    And then he took out my camera bag and then asked me if I was a photographer, errrrr!!! You then get the drunk dickheads who think it’s funny to fill up a plastic cup with either booze or their own piss and chuck it into the crowd of innocent people, who does that seriously!? And then you get ones who decide to push past everyone in an already crowded area by the stage who are trying to watch their favourite acts and then they go ‘Can I just squeeze past? K thanx bye.’

    Er good luck squeezing through mate when we can barely breathe as we’re already squashed. At Reading over the weekend we were stood by a really funny group of guys and a girl who were taking the piss out of the drunk people who pushed past us and it just made light of the situation and actually helped me and my dad when the assholes were pushing past us so much which was nice to know there are decent people in the world.

    3. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing

    You are going to be spending most of the day on your feet and walking around so make sure you wear durable and comfy shoes, I always opt for my Dr Martens as I know I can rely on them being comfy, durable, weatherproof and perfect for stepping on assholes toes when they are being dickheads which always comes in handy. Also wear comfy clothing that is perfect festival attire and also suitable for whatever weather you are expecting on that day. You don’t want to be wearing winter clothing when it’s high 20’s and be sweating like nuts.

    4. Be sensible and don’t do anything stupid

    The best ways to be safe is to not do anything stupid and to be sensible. Don’t do drugs, don’t excessively drink, don’t do anything else ridiculously stupid. The amount of stories I’ve heard of people dying from drugs and alcohol is just ridiculous, I’m surprised people haven’t learned already from other people’s mistakes but people still keep on doing it. Know your limits and when you’ve had enough alcohol and keep drinking water and eating proper meals throughout the day because the alcohol will only make you feel worse and cause more harm than good.

    5. There is no such thing as healthy food there

    Well I say this but I did see a few stalls selling pots of fruit and fresh smoothies which is good but the majority of the food stalls will be very unhealthy serving burgers and chips covered in cheese but you know when you are on a diet or want to eat healthy it will be very hard to find any healthy food there.

    6. You will see some god awful fashion choices

    No matter what music festival you go to there is  no doubt you will see some god awful fashion choices. Girls walking around wearing just their bra or bikini top with shorts that are so short they show their ass cheeks. I mean what girl ever thinks that’s suitable and classy to wear. Every year the fashion just gets trashier and trashier! What ever happened to the pretty bohemian clothing that people used to wear?

    What are your favourite tips for music festival survival?
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    Festivals 101: The Things You Need To Know & How To Survive

    • Avatar Cate EC says:

      Hahahaha yes! Why do girls just wear bikini tops or wear shorts so small you can see everytttthinggg…I don't want to see that!!! Hope you had a good time at Reading! xx
      The perks of being a hipster blog

    • I know right, it's like they don't have any sense of style and just want to look trashy all the time. Thank you my lovely; I did 😀 xx