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  • Travel Diary | Liverpool, UK

    A lovely weekend trip to Liverpool with the girls! This is my travel diary in Liverpool, where we spent the weekend exploring and Christmas shopping. Me and my Mum started the weekend off by having a lovely cooked breakfast in our fave…

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  • Travel Diary Mallorca, Spain

    Read about what I got up to on my holiday, this is my travel diary from Mallorca with my family. This is my travel diary and photo diary from Mallorca. I have just returned from a weeks holiday in Mallorca…

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  • Found Photos: Istanbul, Turkey

    These are my found photos from Istanbul, which was a short city break with my parents. It’s such a beautiful city – you need to visit! These are all the photos that I could find at the moment. But once…

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  • Found Photos: New York & Orlando, USA

    These are some very old found photos from New York and Orlando. I went to New York with my family in 2009. We went over my brothers birthday. He was 11 and I was 9 so it was a very…

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  • Found Photos: Berlin, Germany

    These are my found photos from Berlin, I visited the city with my school for a history trip. Check out my snaps and goings on from a school trip to Berlin, Germany. Berlin a school trip for History but it…

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  • Found Photos From Barcelona, Spain

    My favourite photos from the beautiful city of Barcelona. I’ve realised that I needed to add more posts into the Travel section of my blog. I have travelled to quite a lot of countries in my time. I would love…

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