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  • Staying At The Rambutan Resort In Siem Reap, Cambodia

    Our little hotel in Siem Reap was down a hidden backstreet. And away from the busy noise from the centre of town. Which was perfect as the roads are so busy and noisy with everyone tooting their horns at each…

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  • Staying At Ban Sainai In Krabi, Thailand

    Krabi is a gorgeous part of Thailand which is actually mainly Muslim. Which you probably wouldn’t have expected considering most of Thailand is Buddhist. I wanted to write about the hotel I stayed at in Krabi. Because I think it’s…

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  • The Danubius Hotel | Staying Opposite The Amazing Lord’s Cricket Ground

    It doesn’t look like much outside but The Danubius Hotel has a view of Lord’s Cricket Ground, what would better? Me and my Dad stayed her when we went to see Nothing But Thieves perform at the Camden Roundhouse which…

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  • How To Survive In A Hostel

    I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m a snotty person when it comes to places to stay. But I do like the essentials to be clean and looked after if you know what I mean. I hate staying in a place if…

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  • Staying In The Stakkholt Reykjavik Apartments

    I wanted to write a little review of the apartment we stayed in whilst in Reykjavik in Iceland. It was such a lovely clean apartment which was really modern. My Dad and I did a little bit of research into…

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  • Affordable Hotels To Stay At In Thailand

    One of the benefits to travelling to Thailand is finding lovely hotels for such a great price. As I was paying for my half of the hotel myself I wanted to know I was getting the best deal and also…

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