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  • The Nashi Blossom Is In Bloom

    A new blossom is in bloom this year! Last year Jo Malone released their trio of blossom scents, ranging from light and floral to dark and musky. One of which I fell in love with and couldn’t help but buy…

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  • Tarot Card Reading | Learning The Basics

    Learning the basics of tarot card reading to find my future. With my new #YearOfYou series one of the activities I got into was Tarot Reading, you may think it’s silly but it actually helps you and can sometimes come…

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  • My STACKERS Collection by LC Designs

    My favourite jewellery box brand and a little look into my collection! I have owned my first levels of my STACKERS collection and jewellery box for quite some time and I’ve now added a few more bits to my favourite…

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  • Nothing But Thieves #MTVLiveLockdown & Exploring Borough Market

    I was invited to see Nothing But Thieves #MTVLiveLockdown show as I’m a huge fan of their band! Well it’s been just about a week since I saw Nothing But Thieves at Kentish Town Forum but just yesterday I went…

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  • Self Help Books Collection

    Need a little pick me up and inspiration in life? These books are my favourite self help books for you to read. If you aren’t a regular follower of mine or you haven’t seen any of my latest tweets or…

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  • Nothing But Thieves At Kentish Town Forum & Exploring Highgate Cemetery

    A night in London seeing my favourite Nothing But Thieves at Kentish Town Forum in concert. And a day exploring in London. As last month was my birthday present to see Foals. This month was my Christmas present to see…

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