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  • What I ‘Hate’ About The Blogging Industry

    It’s been 2 years since I joined the blogging industry and things really start to tick you off! These are the things I really hate about the blogging industry. There are still sooo many things that wind me up and…

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  • 20 Things You Learn Before You’re 20!

    Did I really just turn 20? I’m getting so old ahah! On the 15th I celebrated my 20th birthday with the family. Here is my post on 20 things you learn before I turned 20! In the morning I unfortunately had…

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  • Becoming A 100% Cruelty Free Beauty Blogger

    I am so becoming a 100% cruelty free beauty blogger and here are my reasons why! I have seen quite a lot of things these past few weeks and they have seriously made me consider becoming a cruelty free blogger….

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  • Living With Anxiety & Mental Health Awareness Week

    What living with Anxiety is like and spreading awareness for Mental Health Week! I kept trying to put publishing this post off but then I decided people need to know about Mental Health issues! A little bit out of topic…

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  • Buying Wholesale Beauty Products | The Pros & Cons

    Are wholesale beauty products actually good or a waste of money and time? Find out! If you are a self obsessed beauty lover like me then you might have heard the term Wholesale being thrown around here and there. Only…

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  • How To Clean Your Makeup From Bacteria

    This is my guide on how to clean your makeup from bacteria and how it can collect bacteria! Just the other day I read an article on how your makeup can actually hoard dangerous bacteria that could actually harm your…

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