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  • Zoeva Rose Gold Eye Makeup Brushes | Review

    Have you seen a brush set more beautiful than this? This post has been stuck in my drafts for ages and I have no idea why I didn’t press publish. I apologise for the quality of these photos. It’s quite…

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  • KIKO Cosmetics: Eyeshadows, Base & Brushes | First Impressions

    Trying out this new makeup brand with first impressions & a haul! My first time discovering KIKO Cosmetics by Milano which is based in Milan, Italy. This is my KIKO Cosmetics First Impressions where I try some products from a…

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  • Clo Clo London: Moreen Rose Gold Double Ring

    This post is kindly sponsored by Clo Clo London. A gorgeous rose gold double ring from such an affordable shop. You must check them out.The lovely ladies from Clo Clo London sent me this gorgeous ring to write about and…

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  • The Pro Hygiene Collection Make Up Brush Cleaning Kit & Brush Egg: Brush Cleaning Routine

    The best brush cleaning kit I have found so far, I highly recommend! Trying out a new brush cleaning brand and my brush cleaning routine. This is my The Pro Hygiene Collection collection and how I clean my makeup brushes. You…

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  • The Foundation Matrix Review

    Need help finding your foundation shade, look no further! Need help choosing your foundation shade? Why not check out my The Foundation Matrix review which details what this tool can do. The Foundation Matrix is a new gadget that I’ve…

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  • Skincare Routine with LUSH

    My current skincare routine using my favourite LUSH products and how I care for my skin on a daily basis. My skincare routine changes all the time depending on what mood my skin is in. It’s quite hard trying to…

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