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  • Music And My Anxiety

    As the month of May is #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, here is my second post in the series, I’m writing a few posts throughout the month highlighting mental health and especially anxiety as I suffer from it on a daily basis. This post…

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  • What Phobias Do You Suffer From?

    I had a really random brain wave earlier to write about phobias. What phobias do you suffer from? I’m sure everyone has phobias and some people prefer not to talk about them for obvious reasons. Also in case someone uses…

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  • How I Plan Blog Posts Easily | From Draft To Published Piece

    Sometimes I find it hard to come up with new blog post ideas and other times they just pop into my head like a little light bulb (this usually happens at like 12am when I find it hard to sleep…

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  • To My Future Love | 10 Things You Deserve In A Relationship

    A LETTER TO MY FUTURE LOVE I’m not the best at giving relationship advice having only been in one remotely serious one myself but we all deserve to be treated with respect and have someone who loves us back unconditionally….

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  • An Anxious Persons Mind | Thoughts That Go Through Our Minds

    I have been feeling a little poop recently so I wanted to get some things off my chest and write another post on my anxiety and clear somethings up. These are some thoughts that go through an anxious persons mind….

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  • Why You Should Switch To WordPress & Buy Your Own Domain

    I have had my own blog domain for well over 2 years now and I’m so glad I made the purchase. For 3 years I pay £15 with GoDaddy which I think is pretty good and it auto renews next…

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