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  • 11 Cruelty Free Alternatives To Your Beauty Favourites

    This post contains affiliate links. Read my Privacy Policy more information. I have seen quite a few of my friends struggle trying to find cruelty free alternatives of their favourite products. If anyone else is wanting to go cruelty free. This…

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  • Creating My First Instagram Pod

    CREATING MY INSTAGRAM POD I had a little brainwave one night and especially after my travels in Iceland. My wanderlust really took over and I really wanted to create an Instagram Pod for fellow travel lovers. This is my post…

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  • Overcoming Things That Once Made Me Anxious

    I wanted to write a little summary post on overcoming things that once made me feel anxious. I feel so proud of myself for conquering some of my fears and kicking my anxiety in the butt! Here’s to overcoming more…

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  • Conquering My Anxiety & Hiking Mount Snowdon

    So this weekend I spent my time doing something I would never normally do or even dream of doing but I kicked my anxiety in the butt and joined 56 other like minded travel lovers and hiking Mount Snowdon together!…

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  • Cruelty Free Fragrances Perfect For Spring & Summer

    This post contains affiliate links. Read my Privacy Policy for more information. My top cruelty free perfumes that are perfect for the spring and summer months. This is my post about the perfect perfumes for spring 2016. I previously did…

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  • What To Do When You Get Stood Up On A Date

    This is what it’s like to be stood up on a date. I’ve been in the dating world now for a couple of years and I’ve not even been on a proper date yet. Mainly because all the guys I’ve…

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