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  • British Summer Time Festival 2017 ft Kings Of Leon

    This is going to be quite a small post. But I wanted to write about my time at British Summer Time Festival. I was so happy with Kings Of Leon were the big headliners. Had a half day at work…

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  • Nothing But Thieves At Brixton Academy 2016

    Another amazing night seeing my favourite band in Brixton. You probably think ‘how many times can this girl see the same band?!’ but honestly I never get tired of seeing my favourite band in like forever. I never get tired…

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  • Reading Festival 2016

    My 2nd time to Reading Festival in about 4 years, this is my review and write up from Reading Festival 2016. I unfortunately didn’t get many good photos as there was so many people. As you were so squashed in…

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  • The Things You Need To Know | The Ultimate Festival 101 Guide

    My tips for festivals and things to know & how to survive before you go. I’ve been to my fair share of festivals so far being Reading, Isle of Wight and V Festival. So I’ve picked up quite a few…

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  • Faithless At Brixton Academy 18.08.2016

    A spur of the moment ticket purchase to see Faithless at Brixton Academy in concert. My Dad has been pestering me to come and see Faithless with him. And as they were playing in Brixton it seemed fitting that I…

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  • Nothing But Thieves #MTVLiveLockdown & Exploring Borough Market

    I was invited to see Nothing But Thieves #MTVLiveLockdown show as I’m a huge fan of their band! Well it’s been just about a week since I saw Nothing But Thieves at Kentish Town Forum but just yesterday I went…

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