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  • A Guide To Exploring Haji Lane

    If you are travelling to Singapore, I highly recommend checking out my guide to exploring Haji Lane for lots of information and inspiration. Haji Lane is one of those spots you just have to visit and say you’ve been there….

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  • Getting Around Singapore With A Handy Smartphone

    When we arrived at our hotel in Singapore, amongst all the amazing features our suite had one of them was a smartphone perched on a docking station. This is my guide to getting around Singapore easily using such a handy…

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  • Transport In Singapore | How To Get Around

    There are many ways to get around using the public transport in Singapore and it’s so cheap to use. Some we have used and some we haven’t but we have seen other people using them to get around. Singapore is…

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  • Travel Guide | Singapore

    Intro & Culture Singapore is an island city-state off of Southern Malaysia in which it famously cut it’s ties with in 1965. It is a global financial centre with it’s multicultural population and tropical climate – known for it’s humid…

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