• Another mini crystal haul with my favourite crystal shop The Daily Healing! I think it’s safe to say that I am literally addicted to The Daily Healing and Amber’s gorgeous crystals. She literally creates mala beads and picks gorgeous crystals with soooo much passion and love. I was so impressed and happy with my first order I just had to order again, especially after Amber had released new gorgeous babies to her website and also created her own Mala Shop to go alongside her Crystal Shop. I have literally been stalking her social media and liking every single post because everything is soooo gorgeous.


    I’d been lusting over her instagram uploads of her *to come* Mala beads. I instantly fell in love with them so I messaged her over instagram. To create me my very own Custom Mala Beads. I really wanted Rose Quartz and the idea of love behind it. Because I’ve been lacking in the love department recently. She responded pretty much straight away baring in mind the time difference between the UK and America and she got creating my custom Mala beads straight away. Then she sent me a photo of my gorgeous mala beads and my god they are beautiful. She created them using Clear Quartz, Faceted Rose Quartz, Rhodonite and a Rainbow Moonstone charm. With around 25 beads which is why the price is $25.00. The wrist mala beads can vary between 21 – 27 and the price reflects that.

    another crystal haul


    I checked out her Mala Shop she had just opened and saw her Turquoise Mala Bracelet and I just had to pick it up. I liked that it had natural brown beads on it which complemented the turquoise stones. This mala bead bracelet was made with Pyrite for empowerment, action, will power, self confidence, motivation and abundance which I need a lot of especially self confidence. Sandalwood for calm, peace and relaxation which will help with my anxiety as that makes me very restless. Gold plated accents and charm, Chalcedony charm and strung on durable silk cord and finished with a magnetic closure.

    another crystal haul


    Then I asked Amber to put the Amethyst Spirit Aura Quartz Crystal on hold for me which she did. I’ve been after one of these crystals for ages but they are always from America and always so expensive so I’m glad I picked this up at a relatively reasonable price and it’s so pretty. I’m hoping to build a spirit aura quartz terrarium filled with lots of pink and purple crystals.

    I had received a discount code and also found a free delivery code which gave me some more money off my order which was a bonus. I love her store and will definitely keep purchasing from her as she literally puts so much effort into her shop and also the packaging your crystal babies come in, it just adds that lovely little finishing touch to it. She had my mala beads in brown boxes with lilac ribbon around it with a sprig of lavender, and my crystal wrapped in bubble wrap.

    It is then wrapped in brown paper also with lilac ribbon and a sprig of lavender and a sprig of sage tucked into the ribbon and then placed into a box with more brown paper for extra protection with lavender and sage sprinkled in the box and a handwritten note. But it’s such a downside having to wait ages for it to come from America because you really want to see your babies as soon as you press Checkout and also getting hit by customs and handling is another annoying thing about ordering from America.


    Custom Mala Beads $25.00 (£19.30)
    Turquoise Mala Beads $45.00 (£34.74)
    Amethyst Spirit Aura Quartz Crystal $80.00 (£61.76)
    What crystals have you bought recently? Definitely check The Daily Healing out!
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