• Another mini crystal haul buying some gorgeous new pieces. After my last crystal haul I placed another order with one of my new favourite finds and crystal shops. This one is based in America so my order took a little longer to arrive but it was well worth the wait. I found this shop through my crystal goddess Marissa and I instantly fell in love with her website and her crystal goodness. I purchased two of her bundles and a large Labradorite slab which is gorgeous.


    The first set I picked up was her No Bad Vibes bundle.Which features Black Tourmaline and a White Selenite stick. These help repel and keep away negative energy. Each crystal is really well sized and comes with an information sheet on which crystal does which is great for beginners and if you need reminding on what your crystals do. Black Tourmaline is great for repelling and protecting against negativity, protection, enhances overall well being and emotional stability. White Selenite helps dispel negativity, higher self connection, purification, cleansing, harmony, positive energy and self confidence. This bundle is perfect to carry with you during travelling, to work or to school and to protect you in everyday life against bad vibes and negativity.


    The other bundle I picked up was her Sweet Dreams bundle which features Rose Quartz, Angelite and Lepidolite. Rose Quartz helps to promote endless love, compassion, joy and harmony. Angelite helps to promote peace and calm, angelic vibrations, dispels fear and overwhelm and promotes tranquility. Lepidolite helps to calm and de-stress, releases stress and anxiety and helps promote peace. This bundle is perfect to help you get a peaceful and restful sleep. By placing it under your pillow, by your bedside or under your bed. Also if you suffer from anxiety and overactive thinking as it helps calm and harmonize.



    The last crystal that I picked up was this Medium Labradorite slab (which you can see at the beginning) which is absolutely beautiful. I love Labradorite because once the sunlight hits it the natural colours shine through and it looks like a rainbow. This one is particularly beautiful because of its deep blue veining which runs through the entire slab. This is naturally formed and cut so it hasn’t been tampered with in any way so it’s a whole natural look without being altered which I love. I prefer my crystals to be 100% natural, rough and completely untouched – that way no one has messed with their inner power. I have a mini Labradorite slab which is more pinks and orange running through it which is also gorgeous so these two will be perfect paired together.

    In my package I received this really lovely note from the owner of the shop Amber where she wrote me a sweet note and gave me two extra pieces of Rose Quartz as it took quite a while for my parcel to arrive due to coming from America which was really sweet. She also included pieces of sage to burn and to cleanse my crystals with. She also included a discount code for my next order which I will definitely use when I place my next order. I would highly recommend looking into this shop for buying crystals from. The service is really good and she packaged the parcel up really nicely and none of my babies got damaged in transit. The only downside to ordering from this store if the handling and shipping charges once your parcel arrived but that’s standard when ordering from America unfortunately.


    Then I ordered some cleansing mists from a shop in Oxford called Spirit Walker Crystals. I originally found them on eBay but they also have their own website and store. I picked up their Meditation Mist which contains Lavender which helps provide a calming scent that can be used before sleeping, meditation and to generally calm you down. I’ve also picked up their Aura Cleansing Mist which is great for removing negative auras and vibrations.


    Meditation Mist £8.99
    Cleansing Mist £8.99
    No Bad Vibes Protection Bundle $12.00
    Sweet Dreams Bundle $15.00
    Labradorite Slab Crystal $15.00
    What do you think of this haul?
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