• Here are 5 tips you need to do for your blog before the new year starts. You need to look after your blog and it will look after you in the long run. Below I’ve put together a few little tips on how to look after your blog. For near the end of the year. So it’s ready for a fresh start in the new year.

    Remove all broken links using a broken link checker.

    Using the broken link checker linked, you can enter in your blog url and the captcha security code given. And it will scan your entire blog for broken and no longer existing links. It will then show you where each link is in your blog so you can remove them. And this will then speed up your blog loading times. Also it stops readers from clicking and being directed to dead links.

    Check the format of all of your posts.

    Again this is another more time consuming thing to do for your blog but it’s always good to check that the layout of each of your blog posts it how you want it. There’s nothing worse than looking back at a blog post and seeing all of your pictures or font in a place where it’s not meant to be and it looks all over the place.

    Make sure all of your contact information is up to date.

    There is nothing worse than someone trying to get hold of you but your contact and social media information is either out of date or slightly incorrect and that they can’t get hold of you.

    Make sure you’ve replied to all of your comments.

    Go through all of your blog posts and make sure you’ve replied to everyone’s comments so there isn’t one that’s gone ignored. There is nothing worse than taking some time out to comment on someone you likes blog and then get ignored by the blogger so make sure you don’t do it to those who take time to comment on your blog as well.

    Create your goals for the new year.

    Make sure you know what you want to achieve in the new year so you have plenty of time to prep and focus on. Create goals for what posts you want to write up ready for the new year, focus on new branding and marketing strategies. How many followers do you want to achieve next year? How will you further your advertising for the blog? Do you want your blog to have a new look? Change in style?

    What will you do for your blog at the end of this year?

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    5 Tips To Look After Your Blog