If you are interested in working with me, feel free to contact me here…

If you are interested in working with me be sure to download my press pack (coming soon). 

I am looking to work with Cruelty Free and Budget orientated brands and companies. If you think your products will be good for my readers, feel free to get in contact with me. Once in contact we will go through the initial set up and organise a deal and once the products have been received the review will be written and published within the timescale below. You can see the brands that I have worked with below and I am always welcoming to work with new brands and companies. I am looking to grow my blog audience more and gain a lot more experience with working with brands. I am a very easy going and relaxed person.

If you are a Beauty brand… I only want to work with cruelty free, vegan and natural beauty brands as they are the only main beauty topics and products I want to work with and use. I will write about everything from foundations, to nail polishes to lipsticks and eyeshadow palettes. 

If you are a Lifestyle brand… I will work with anyone as long as their products are ethically produced and not using real animal fur or skins. I will write about everything from candles, to bedding to books, self improvement products and restaurants. 

If you are a Music band, brand or company… I will work with anyone. I will write about music concerts and festivals, music based products and write reviews on bands. 

If you are a Travel brand or company… I will work with anyone. I will write about travel guides, hotel reviews, travel based products and travel activities. 

Odds & Sorts (1)
Clo Clo London (1) (2)
Accor Hotels(1)
Jo Malone (1)
Tropic Skincare (1)
EyeWake (1) 

These are my standard timescales relating to each topic…

Beauty1-4 weeks: makeup items, haircare, bodycare, tools and electrical goods have a quicker turnaround as effects can be seen sooner. Skincare can take up to 4 weeks for a review, as I like to test items properly for any reactions or changes.

Lifestyle/Travel/Music1-2 weeks: this depends entirely on the item I’m reviewing, this includes restaurants/hotels too.