• It’s been a little while since I became vegetarian and I wanted to write a post about why I made the change and how well it’s going. Especially being a meat lover before as well I thought it would be a lot harder to cut meat out completely from my diet, but it was actually a lot easier than I thought. Despite missing quite a few different meats especially duck, crackling and bacon! I have become quite a lover of Quorn meat free alternatives and other meat free substitutes.

    I became vegan/vegetarian in January and joined in with #Veganuary throughout the month of January. I found it fairly easy to find meals and lunches as the shops around me had a nice little selection to choose from and also my parents were very helpful in coming up with nice dishes for dinners and using my meat alternatives to replace the meat.

    I am currently still eating dairy at the moment but I am hoping to completely cut dairy out when I find a nice alternative to milk and try the different cheeses and butters etc out. I was more desperate to stop eating meat and animals being treated badly for their meat first before cutting out diary. (I JUST LOVE CHEESE)

    I wanted to become vegetarian because I care so much about the welfare of animals I wanted to help make a difference, I have also read into it being cheaper not eating meat and also much better for the environment. I have always hated the thought of animals being slaughtered and being hurt for stupid reasons. I actually feel a lot better in myself both mentally and physically by cutting out meat as well. Mentally because I know I am doing something to help look after our animals and completely avoid using the meat trade and also physically because I haven’t been ill at all this year as I always used to have colds literally every month so I feel great not having colds all the time.

    What are your thoughts on the meat industry and treating animals cruelly?

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