• Now I know I’m not much of a tech guru but I do love my tech and gadgets and I have been dying to buy a MacBook laptop for years and I have never had the money to buy one – until now. I did quite a bit of research into the different Mac computers from the desktop to all the laptops until I decided which one would be better for me. My old laptop was a Samsung notebook which compared to my new MacBook Air weighed an absolute tun and was super chunky. It has served it’s purpose for quite a few years until I felt like I was ready to go through with the upgrade.

    After I had decided which one I wanted which is the MacBook Air 13” in silver, I looked into the Apple Monthly Payment scheme which you can either do via Paypal or Barclays which links into your local bank that you use. I chose Paypal as it seemed easier and I can control it a lot more. You can basically set up monthly payments over the course of 12 months to make it easier than paying one large bulk of money. Once you’ve chosen your preferred product you can go through the usual checkout process through Apple’s website before pressing BUY. The more expensive the product the longer the re-payment scheme will be, for example buying the MacBook Pro with the new Touch Bar will take 24 months (2 years) as it’s over £1,000. Once you get to the payment section you can calculate how much you would want to pay each month to eventually pay off the rest of the product you’ve purchased. My payment each month is £79.08 which may seem a lot but it’s a lot easier than saying goodbye to £900 in one go!

    I essentially purchased this new laptop to help with my blogging but it does also help with my everyday life as well. It’s so much lighter and a lot less bulky than my old laptop, it’s so much faster and clearer with the crisp retina display. There is so many awesome features to the MacBook’s whether it be all the awesome Apps you can download, Siri or FaceTime. It will be perfect for bringing it with me to work or for when I go on holiday and I can blog whilst I’m out there and for keeping up with all my blogging tasks.

    If you ever want to purchase an item from Apple that you thought you could never be able to buy I would definitely recommend checking out their pay monthly scheme!

    MacBook Air 13″ Silver
    Thumper Rabbit Plush
    2017 ban.do Diary

    What is your dream tech product to own? Or do you own your dream tech product now?

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    Why Finally Owning My Dream Laptop Was Possible: Using Apple’s Monthly Instalments Payment Scheme