• There becomes a point when editing turns fake! I get that bloggers and designers would like to edit their photos they post every now and then. Especially to make them look that little bit better. But there becomes a point when it becomes over editing and turns fake which is very annoying. Adjusting the brightness or contrast etc is okay. But I personally find over editing and adding things that aren’t actually there in the photo very fake and misleading.

    Why not show off the natural beauty of the place you are shooting, especially if it’s abroad without making it fake and not true. I have come across quite a few fashion bloggers – mainly overly popular ones who ridiculous photoshop things into their photos including stars, birds and freaking hot air balloons. I came across this tweet the other day from Caroline Hirons which I found absolutely hilarious and sooooo true it was unreal ahah!

    There is two bloggers that I know of at the moment who majorly edit their photos to the point when it becomes so obvious and are constantly adding stars, birds and hot air balloons into their photos, it’s just getting ridiculous now. Why do fashion bloggers do it? What does it really achieve? I get a few are okay especially if they are actually there and not edited in completely but when it’s like a thousand birds added in or the same balloons dotted around the same area that clearly aren’t there – it’s just stupid.

    Why does someone want a swarm of birds floating above then? Does it actually make the photo any better? Or is it just drawing away the attention from what you are photographing? And also another thing to add – what is with bloggers having so much food in one photo? Do they really eat all of that freaking food?



    What are your thoughts on this type of editing on Instagram?

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    Why Do Fashion Bloggers Over Photoshop Their Photos?