• Fancy Indian for your Christmas meal? A very modern and unique take on your typical Indian cuisine you need to try. Our annual work christmas do is usually in the Riverside Restaurant but we decided a change would be good this year and when the only Indian 2 Michelin Star chef – Atul Kochhar in the UK opened up his new restaurant connected with the idyllic hotel in Marlow – The Compleat Angler, we thought this would be amazing time to try his new restaurant Sindhu for something completely different. After our usual shin dig in the office, giving out silly presents and having a few nibbles and bubbly, we headed down for our table at 2pm. The Compleat Angler was decorated all festive with some huge trees decorated in gold, red and silver and even some twig trees decorated all sparkly, silver and white which were my favourite. it was all cozy with all of their huge fires roaring and pretty fairy lights all around the rooms. 

    We were greeted with a smile from all of the waiters who took our coats and seated us down with a lovely view that was overlooking the weir. All around the restaurant was decorated with accents of red and gold, mainly gold with a lovely concrete fireplace with a huge gold garland and on display was Atul’s cookbooks with a metallic vase of yellow gold flowers and a large gold mirror. All of the chairs were gold and velvet – all were super comfy!


    As we sat down they set 3 mini popadom dishes on the table with 3 different dips – tomato, apple and then mango which are all delicious and combine them together which I did for a few – it was super yummy. The popadoms were tiny so it wasn’t going to fill you up but enough to satisfy the hunger. Then after two rounds of those, we had ordered 2 dishes of each of the additional nibbles which were Lentil Falafel, Lamb Kebab Salad and Masala Shrimps which we shared between all of us. Each of our name cards had what we had ordered on them which I had ordered the Beef Sheekh Kebabs with Rocket and Ricotta for a starter. Which was a little spicy, but enough for me to handle and it was a perfect mix of the spicy and then the cooling Ricotta cheese. I also took a photo of my mums starter which was the Salmon Cakes on Naan with Tamarind Gel.

     Once all of the starters had been eaten, we chatted amongst us and topped up on a few drinks – our mains came out. Most of the table had opted for the Lamb Shoulder but me and another member of the crew ordered the Turkey Masala which doesn’t look like much on the plate but once you added the Sagaloo Potatoes and Naan, it was the perfect amount. The sauce made it that extra bit special and didn’t taste like your normal Masala, there was something special about it. With Atul, he works with local ingredients but creates a unique and modern Indian menu as he works with spices and flavours that compliment each other and work so well together. After the main was finished, our deserts came out which I had gone for the Ginger Sticky Toffee Pudding which was so light and sweet – omg it was delicious. I could have eaten another! I just have to say that ALL of the plates where left empty – it was that yummy! As for drinks I had ordered a Samba non-alcoholic cocktail (which is made of cranberry juice, orange juice and peach juice) before our meal at the bar and then ordered my favourite, a vodka, soda and lime to have with our meal.


    I definitely recommend you going to Sindhu if you are near this one or one of his other restaurants in fact because it is an amazing experience.

    LOCATION: Sindhu Restaurant, The Compleat Angler, Marlow Bridge, Marlow, Berkshire SL7 1RG
    Wishing all of my lovely readers an amazing Christmas & New Year. I hope you get all that you asked for and get to spend this festive period with all of your loved ones. Thank you for all of the support from the past year and hoping we get to grow together in the years to come. Love shanylou <3
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