• Since turning vegetarian and slowly turning vegan I have been trying to find amazing restaurants and places to eat that serve vegan food. I went to Love Thy Neighbour before turning vegan but I wanted to include this in the series I’m writing. I visited Love Thy Neighbour in Liverpool when I travelled up there with my mum and her friends last November. We ate out here twice for breakfast and brunch and also had late night drinks here on our first night in the city.

    For the first time eating out at Love Thy Neighbour we had late night drinks on our first night out in Liverpool which I tried their hot chocolate which was really rich and chocolate heaven which was perfect for warming me up on a freezing cold day of travelling. My mum and her friends tried some of their alcoholic drinks before we headed to bed.

    The next day we decided to eat breakfast there as it was a fairly short walk from our hotel so we thought we’d try them out. The staff are very friendly and welcoming. I decided to try their Smoothie Bowl which was made with blended spinach, apple, pineapple and avocado with granola, fresh berries and coconut shavings on the top. It was a completely different consistency to a normal breakfast I would have but it was yummy and I would have it again none the less. I really need to try more of these smoothie bowls! I also had their freshly made apple juice which was really fresh and frothy.

    Their menu features plenty of vegan friendly options so you are always bound to find something that tickles your taste buds. We then had breakfast there the next day when I tried their Cali Toast with boiled eggs and avocado on sourdough toast which was really yummy as well. I really want to go back here next time I visit Liverpool or I really hope they open more LTN’s over the country. Their interior is very quirky with pink neon lights and a fake shrubbery on the ceiling which hangs down. They also have cool phrases on the walls like ‘AVOCADO IS BAE’ which is so true ahah! They also played pretty awesome music in their which when I visited they played all The 1975 songs which I loved. The seats where really comfy and you are bounds to find a good spot to sit either tucked away in the corner or by the big window overlooking the street.

    Have you eaten in Love Thy Neighbour before? What is your favourite vegan/vegetarian place to eat?

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