• #BLOGMASDAY16 Do you ever want to be positive but find it hard when you are having a shit week? Are you ever in that predicament when you really want to stay positive but just find your having such a bad week or day that you find it impossible to hold onto the positiveness. This is going to try and be a little bit of a ranty blog post but we’ll see what happens. With my #YearOfYou series I’m trying to be a lot more positive about everything in my life but sometimes when life throws you challenges and starts to get a little bit shit you find it rather hard to stay positive and in a good mood. Below I’m going to give you a few of my favourite things to do to help me gradually over come a shit day. 

    Listening to my favourite music
    Switch out the world and listen to your favourite music that makes you happy. Create a calming playlist of all the songs that make you feel calm and listen to that on repeat until you feel better.

    Watch a funny YouTube video/your favourite Youtuber 
    Watch someone who makes you laugh or smile or even someone you really look up to to help take your mind off of everything. 

    Practise deep breathing or meditation/yoga
     Take some time out and focus on your breathing, maybe take up a hobby in meditation or going to yoga classes and take time to focus on other things other than what is causing you stress and worry. 

    Write down what you are grateful for
    I always find taking time to write a little list in a notebook or scrap piece of paper of what I’m grateful for helps you realise how much you should appreciate more in life more than what you haven’t got. 

    Remember life isn’t perfect
    You always need to remember that life isn’t perfect and neither are you or anyone else. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone has those days where nothing goes right or they get things wrong. Don’t beat yourself up about it because it will happen to other people eventually. 

    Catch up with your favourite tv series
    Take some time out, lounge on the couch and catch up with your favourite tv series that you’ve been putting off for ages. It’s nice to take some time out for yourself and just have a you day, maybe throw in a face mask and a little pamper while you’re at it. 

    Burn your favourite candles
    Snuggle up in bed and relax and light some of your favourite candles and scents and let the aroma sooth you and calm you down, this will also help you get a good nights sleep as well. 

    Give someone a hug
    There is nothing better than giving and receiving a hug. Hug someone out of the blue that you care about and just hold it for a few seconds, it’s really nice and boosting to feel loved and wanted. 

    Stroke a pet or animal
    Animals are just the best and don’t judge you on your mistakes. Stroke an animal or a pet you have to calm yourself down, they don’t judge and there is nothing better than stroking a cute bunny and seeing their cute little faces looking at you full with love. 

    Call someone you love and get advice from them
    Call someone you love and get advice from them, no doubt you will learn something new and will then learn from mistakes. You can then pass on your advice to someone else who needs it.


    What do you do to help yourself when your having a bad day?

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