• The obsession with gold and rose gold has hit us girlies good. Who isn’t obsessed with a little gold or rose gold in their life? If not, now leave! There is just something about that gorgeous gold or rose gold packaging that gets us good in the heart and leaves us with heart eyes – emoji style! Not only does it look gorgeous sitting on your makeup vanity but there is something scientifically proven about how gold packaging affects us and we are going to find out why here.

    Gold packaging suggests being expensive, luxurious and high quality products. However your product should reflect this high standard or you’ll lose credibility. A poor product inside gold packaging will appear cheap and have the same effect as fake gold. Packaging colours are one of the elements that will set businesses apart from others and the choice of colours will set their products apart from their competitors products. The colours chosen should send the right message to inspire any potential customer to buy the product. Colour is the best way to reflect and enhance a unified image and branding of your product as it is such a visual medium.

    You may think only expensive brands can use gold makeup packaging but actually more affordable brands can as well. In the photo above are some of my favourite makeup products with gold makeup products, some are higher end brands such as Tarte and So Susan and others are from more budget friendly brands such as KIKO or Milani.

    And it’s also a huge growing trend in recent years that’s making it’s way around with home-ware and beauty products spreading around the rose gold and gold love – so why wouldn’t anyone want to love the beauty of gold packaging!


    KIKO Rebel Romantic Blush & Bronzer

    Milani Colour Statement Lipstick in Dolce Caramelo
    Zoeva Rose Gold Luxe Crease Eyeshadow Brush
    KIKO Intensely Lavish Lipstick in Lusty Peony
    Ted Baker Nail Polish in Berry
    So Susan Flutter Mascara
    What do you love about rose gold/gold packaging?
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