• I’ve been in the dating world now for a couple of years and I’ve not even been on a proper date yet because all the guys I’ve been talking to over the years have either ghosted me or stood me up a day before the date. I thought I’d write a little post of helpful tips for those of you who have been in similar situations. It’s incredibly frustrating when you’ve met this awesome guy and they just bail on you – it makes you question if there is something wrong with you.

    It was last year before Christmas when the guy I was talking to at the time said he was really interested in me and really wanted to go on a date with me and of course having anxiety that freaked me out a little because I just kept thinking ‘Well what if he hates me when we do meet?’ and I couldn’t stop freaking out so I told him I would love to and would try to control my anxiety as it grew closer, I then told him I was travelling to Thailand a week after Christmas and was super busy getting ready so I didn’t have enough time to prep myself and have the date so I told him I would try to free a day before I went away to meet up with him. Before that I was telling him I would like to wait until after my holiday that way I could tell him about it and have some good things to talk about but he kept pressuring me and getting impatient so I told him I’d made a free day to meet him but whilst that was going on he kept telling me that I could be ‘the one’ and sending me wedding related emojis which I found kinda weird considering but then he was also telling me he was meeting up with other girls until he found ‘the one’. I mean I’m a hopeless romantic and soppy and love that kinda thing but wouldn’t do that. I agreed to meet him the weekend before we flew to Thailand and it was the day before the said date and I hadn’t heard a single word from him and no replies to my messages and I was getting really frustrated about it and couldn’t stop crying to my Mum about it. Still didn’t hear from him that weekend and it came Monday, I messaged him saying ‘Hey’ wanting to know WTF was going on, he simply messaged me saying ‘Can’t talk, got a girlfriend!’, literally a day after we were due to go on a date. Like WTF, I was speechless!

    Thank fuck I dodged that bullet, aye! What a complete and utter asshole!

    – Tell them how it made you feel
    – Delete them out of your life
    – Focus on something else, occupy your mind

    Have you ever been stood up on a date before? How did you feel? What did you do?

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    What To Do When You Get Stood Up On A Date

    • Alicia S says:

      I’ve never been stood up on a date before, I’ve stood someone up (well I did let them know I wasn’t interested anymore before doing so) but I feel like if I did ever get stood up on a date I’d probably just take myself on the date.
      Alicia x

      • Shannon says:

        I could never stand someone up before a date but I would tell them if I didn’t wanna see them anymore for whatever reason. I hate it though when they seem all interested and then it gets to like the day before or the day of the date and you just don’t hear from them at all and receive no apology from them about what’s happened! xx