• Being 2 years in the blogging industry and things really start to tick you off! I’ve been in the blogging industry for 2 years now and whilst it’s still only my hobby there are still sooo many things that wind me up and really annoy me. I know Hate is such a strong word but these things are hardly necessary! There are so many bloggers out there with different backgrounds and target audiences that it’s really hard to stand out from the crowd, especially when you are only a little blog.

    Bloggers that rub their PR parcels in others faces
    There are so many PR companies out there and brands that are currently working with bloggers all over the world, it get’s a bit depressing and you feel very jealous when everyone is getting these amazing PR packages from companies to review and blog about. But when bloggers literally rub it in other bloggers faces and it’s literally all they talk about so much so that they never spend their own money on products can really wind me up. There are actually other bloggers that aren’t that lucky to work with PR companies that actually have to spend their hard earned money on products to review and use.

    When bloggers call things ‘Hauls’ but they didn’t buy a single thing
    I have come across soooooooooooooo many bloggers and youtubers who call their videos and posts ‘hauls’ but they didn’t buy a single thing – it’s purely PR mail and things they’ve been sent to review. So I googled the correct term for Haul and this is what it says: “haul video is a video recording, posted to the Internet, which displays items recently purchased, including product details or even the price. The posting of haul videos (or hauls) has been a growing trend, during 2007–2010.” Hence the big word in there is PURCHASED!!!!!

    Blogging Awards
    Now blogging awards are great for bloggers to get recognition on their hard work etc but when it’s constantly the same bloggers winning the same awards every year it gets quite boring, can’t smaller blogs and bloggers get a bit more recognition for their hard work too? It’s always blogs with lots of followers who win all of the awards but not for blogs who are trying to grow and earn a following. I just don’t get that!

    Smaller blogs don’t get enough recognition over bigger blogs
    Again linking in with the Blogging Awards point, why can’t smaller blogs get more recognition for their hard work over bigger blogs. I understand that bigger blogs have put in their hard work to get where they are today but so are smaller blogs who are trying to grow their following more. I am a small blog who works independently therefore I don’t have any help with anything, no PR companies sending me products to review, no one pays me to do this, no one gives me post ideas, I am literally funding my own blog ideas etc – everything is literally coming from my ideas, money and resources, therefore I feel like that is were all the hard work comes from so why aren’t smaller blogs getting more recognition when the bigger blogs are getting all of that hard work done for them.

    Bloggers who think their life is perfect
    When bloggers literally post about how perfect their life is; getting to fly away to lots of countries every few weeks, having an expensive designer wardrobe, having the perfect huge house and fancy cars, getting invited to lots of A List events and meeting celebrities willy nilly. That doesn’t sound very relatable now does it?! I like my bloggers and YouTubers to be relatable because thinking about someone who does all those things is like celebrity status! It’s not very original and real and I’d be lucky if I can do any of that or even one thing in my lifetime! I’m lucky if I can even get one holiday in a year let alone 20+ and working around my 9 to 5 job!

    Bloggers Block
    I hate it when you literally hit that brick wall and can’t think of any more content ideas, you really want to make your posts as creative and enjoyable as possible but that brick wall just stops you in your tracks. When this happens – takes a deep breath, step away from your computer and come back when your feeling better. Hopefully your ideas will come flooding back to you. Carry a small notebook and pen around with you and when you suddenly think of an awesome idea write it down as soon as it comes to you so you don’t forget it and also bullet point all your little plan ideas to help you write up your post with photo ideas and points you want to make.

    Bloggers who moan about not having money, yet don’t spend anything
    I’ve come across quite a few bloggers moaning about not having any money yet they literally don’t spend anything because they are constantly being sent products and sent on amazing trips abroad. Yet some other bloggers have to fund literally everything when it comes to buying products to review or being able to go away on holidays and those who find it difficult to buy the essentials in life. I understand that they still have to pay rent, food and living bills but so do the others who have to buy things for their blog content! Some bloggers don’t understand what it’s like to have a full time job to earn money with blogging on the side and how hard it is to save the money you earn to spend it on your hobby etc.

    When other bloggers copy you, your ideas or style
    I have experienced a few bloggers using some of my ideas and style of my blog which is really bugging me. One in particular has copied about 3 widgets and features that are on my blog that I’ve noticed recently and it’s really annoying me. I understand that sometimes it may be a coincidence but seriously 3 things that are exactly the same is taking the piss a bit! I know it may be hard to sometimes come up with cool and quirky ideas but seriously make it a bit more like you instead of copying someone elses style and ideas.


    What things about this industry bug you?
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