• I know this post is incredibly late and was actually meant to go up in January but as I was away on holiday for most of Jan it kinda got delayed. I wanted to gather up what the year of 2016 has taught me and sort of make this a reflection post. 

    Becoming Cruelty Free
    This was one of the major turning points in my 2016 year where I wanted to make a difference to not only my life but other peoples and animals lives as well. I have always been a lover of animals from a young girl constantly having new rabbits and guinea pigs as pets and also 2 hamsters. I have never loved the thought of killing animals or seeing dead animals on the roads. I wanted to make a difference after a few news stories had been brought to my attention I wanted to turn my whole makeup collection 100% cruelty free. Not only has this helped me de-clutter my makeup collection but also made me feel better about what products I use and what brands I support. No more supporting brands because of their packaging or the hype around them and them lying to their customers and more about supporting a brand for their ethics and what they stand for.

    Taking my blog more seriously
    I had started my blog up in 2012 but only these past few years have I taken more pride in my blog and what content I post. I’ve gone through quite a few re-vamps of my blog but this past year with my new logo being created and a new audience behind my blog I decided it was time to create more of a name for its self.

    Finding myself
    Learning more about myself and what I want from life, still taking part in my #YearOfYou project which you can catch up on via my blog posts.

    Getting back into the dating scene
    I’ve been single for 4 years now and I’m getting slightly bored of not having someone to share affection with or have someone to share live with so I decided to get back into the dating scene at the end of 2016 but still not having much luck with going on dates or meeting the right guy. I am still trying and hopefully someone nice will pop up eventually.

    Trying to control my anxiety more
    It’s very hard to control your anxiety but I’m trying to take less things for granted and to actually appreciate what I have more. I’m also trying to be more body confident, yes I might not have the slimmest body that I want but I’m healthy and I’m alive and that’s all that I could ever ask for. I’m controlling what I eat and how much I eat more hopefully creating a healthier and happier me.

    What have 2016 taught you? What are you currently reflecting on from things you’ve learnt?

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