• Spending my god sisters hen do in Brighton, doing all sorts of touristy hen do things. I have been a bridesmaid before but it was when I was 1 or around that age, and this will be the first time I will actually remember and be part of it properly. So about 4 weekends ago was our Hen Do trip to Brighton.


    I was unsure what to expect at a hen do as I’ve never been to one before or been to a nightclub. We left on Saturday morning (the 28th June) around 8:30am; and picked up my god sister Nikki, and god mother Tracey and Nikki’s best friend Jamie Lee. It was about a 1hr 30min drive. Driving along it started to rain really heavily. We met everyone in our hotel: The Kings Hotel lobby, which was right on the seafront.


    After that, we walked to our spa hotel which was The Queen’s Hotel, it was about a 10 minute walk from our hotel and was near the pier. Then we all checked in to have our treatments: each of us had a different treatment from a massage, pedicure, manicure, to facial. My treatment wasn’t until 1:30pm and we arrived at the Queen’s Hotel at around 10am so I had some time to kill which I spent most of it in the pool and reading magazines and chatting to the others. Whilst waiting for my treatment the Maid of Honour and Nikki’s best friend Ashleigh returned from her treatment and told Nikki that she had bought Royalty with her.

    Ashleigh then pointed out to everyone that Pippa Middleton was in the same hotel as us and little did we know – she was. She wasn’t far from us.  Nikki could not believe it. It was rather hard to get a look at her without being nosy and staring at her and taking pictures off her, but I got a good look at her from afar.


    My treatment came and I went in with Tracey – Nikki’s mum and my auntie. I chose a matte black and shimmery white nail polish by OPI. The lady doing my nails cleaned my nails, got rid of dead skin, gave me a hand massage and treated the cuticles and shaped my nails to a nice shape. I chose to have all my nails matte black apart from my ring fingers on each hand which were the shimmery white colour.


    After our treatments we had lunch in the cafe of the hotel. Some were already eating as they had already had their treatments. Which they had to eat were sandwiches and cream tea with scones and jam + cream. When the last of us joined we ordered some more food, which I had cheese and tomato sandwiches and a lemonade and my mum had a nice chicken salad and tea. After eating, some of the group went off shopping and the rest of us went to the Pier and beach and explored around there.


    One of Nikki’s challenges was to pick a random guy with the same name as her fiance. And have their photo in one of these. Bonus – he was really good looking. After exploring the pier and beach for the day. We ventured back to our hotel and laid the table for our meal.



    After setting the table and getting the room ready, we went upstairs to get dressed for the night club.



    The theme of the hen do was ‘Little Black Dress’. Which I wore this plain black playsuit with neck detailing and a cut out back and plain black dolly flats. And my mum wore this black dress with neck detailing and sheer sleeves with wrist detailing. And black and white heels.  The sash’s were a bright pink colour with black writing and detailing. Mine said ‘Bridesmaid’ and my mum’s said ‘Hen Party’. The pink went perfectly with the black of the outfits. My hair was styled curly and I did my basic make up and had reddy/pink lipstick. I paired my outfit off with my Pandora charm bracelet and rings.

    The Ladies!

    Dinner Has Arrived

    Starter – battered fish sticks with salad and dip.

    Main – chicken breast with potato and broccoli w/ sauce.

    Desert – vanilla ice cream with strawberries and blueberries topped with biscuit crumbs.

    For a drink I had Lemon Barcadi Breezer as I’m not a huge drinker. Whilst the others had wine, champagne and other drinks. After dinner was finished we stayed chatting for a bit and Ashleigh gave us a few things for the club. A few colourful pegs and a scavenger hunt list.


    After everyone had finished dinner and had a bit of a laugh. We booked some taxis and travelled to the club for the night which was Lola Lo’s. 

    Throughout the whole night I managed to collect 4 of the flower garlands and tied them around both my wrists and ankles. Had a guy flirt with me and try to chat me up. And managed to get rid of 4 peoples pegs (we had 3 pegs each) on one guys blazer and he didn’t even notice. Me, my mum, Steph and Emily our room-mates, were the last people to leave the club at like 1am. Walking home a guy who owns a kiosk shop, decided to throw slices of salami at people walking by. And almost hit me and Emily in the head with some.


    Woke up around 9am and went down for breakfast which I had a full english breakfast. After breakfast we packed everything, put our luggage in the car and everyone said goodbyes and went home. Then me, my mum, Nikki, Tracey and Jamie Lee explored some more of Brighton and walked down by the beach and then found Choccy Woccy Doo Dah’s before leaving for home.

    After exploring Choccy Woccy Do Dah’s we stopped in Cafe Nero for a drink and snack.

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    Travel Diary | Brighton, UK 28-29.06.2014

    • Daniela Sousa says:

      Love these pictures! I went to Cambridge last year and stayed until the end of May, it was my first time in England. It was so amazing!! But, there’s nothing like a seaside town 🙂 I live near the coast and even though I loved Cambridge it felt a little weird. Brighton is on the top 5 of my travel bucket list 😀

      • Shannon says:

        Thank you! Cambridge is lovely, I have a friend who lives there! I know Brighton is so wacky and pretty at the same time hehe x