• I’m not the best at giving relationship advice having only been in one remotely serious one myself but we all deserve to be treated with respect and have someone who loves us back unconditionally. I wanted to write this blog post that has been inspired by my Letter To Myself: I Think I Need To Grow Up Now post which I wrote a couple of weeks back. It received quite good comments and feedback from my readers so I wanted to write another one based on things I wanted to say regarding my future love/boyfriend/partner. We all have an idea of our dream partner that we want to spend the rest of our lives with and I wanted to get these things off my chest and if he is out there this is what I’ve wanted to say.

    Someone you can laugh with
    Someone you can trust
    Someone to support you
    Someone you can share things with
    Someone you can be yourself with
    Someone who would do anything for you
    Someone who can help you progress on yourself
    Someone who will love you at your best and your worst
    Someone who makes you feel better in your own skin
    Someone who makes you a better version of yourself

    Now there may be a few arguments to this when people say that another person shouldn’t make you feel better etc or that you shouldn’t rely on someone else to make you want to improve and be better but I feel like there is nothing better than having someone in your life who makes you feel good when they are around and makes you feel stronger than you actually are whether that be mentally, physically or even emotionally.

    I have only ever had one remotely serious relationship and been through a lot of shit. I’ve been single for 4 years and I’m ready for a relationship now. I really want someone to hold me and tell me everything is ok, even if I feel like things aren’t ok. Someone to hold me close when I’m feel low and make me feel better. Someone who brings out the best in me. Someone who believes in me even when I don’t believe in myself. Someone who supports me through everything and any decision I make. Someone who is willing to fight for me. Someone who will support me with my mental illness. Someone I can share my hobbies with. Someone who knows they want me and goes for it. Someone who isn’t going to mess me around and play games. If you haven’t guessed by this I am a hopeless romantic and love all the cheesy relationship things!

    What do you want from your future relationship or your relationship in the future?

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