• A natural and simple way of using aromatherapy oils that have health enhancing benefits! My favourite #YearOfYou and positivity queen Marissa Lace has been using the MONQ Therapeutic Air Diffuser and they honestly sound and look amazing I just couldn’t help but give them a try. I placed an order with them and ordered 3 vapours and their necklace accessory so you can wear your vapours as a necklace and carry them with you. I ordered mine in rose gold which is a favourite colour of mine recently. The 3 diffusers that I picked up were Happy, Zen and Active. HAPPY is an orange coloured diffuser with ingredients including Fennel, Vanilla and Thyme. ZEN is a purple coloured diffuser with ingredients including Orange, Ylang Ylang and Frankincense. And finally ACTIVE is a blue coloured diffuser with ingredients including Black Pepper, Orange and Sage.

    They are a small handheld device in which you breath in natural oils and vapourised water in order for the natural oils to give you health enhancing benefits and aromatherapy. Each device has it’s own ingredients and it’s own property. For example ACTIVE (or also known as SKINNY) contains Black Pepper, Orange and Sage. The Orange is for a clean detox. It helps uplift your spirits and provides additional energy when you’re tired. It also provides a peaceful and calming experience and it lowers the bodies response to stressful situations. The Sage helps to fight fatigue, assist in situations of general fatigue as well as depression and irritability. It is physiologically and mentally stimulating and allows you to see more clearly. It also assists with attention and concentration. And the Black Pepper helps increase your speed, it known for it’s warming feelings as well as stimulating circulation and helps performance. It also has energising and invigorating characteristics. To see what HAPPY and ZEN can do, click the names. “Breathe Therapeutic Air, and immediately access a proven history of natural life-enhancing benefits. Unlike topical oils or household diffusers, MONQ directly inserts aromatherapy into your olfactory system. When you pickup a MONQ, you’re holding the key to an ancient wellness art, enhanced for the modern age.” MONQ diffusers are created using completely natural ingredients from essential oils from the USA. The MONQ diffusers are SIMPLE: Just breathe, no setup or cleanup. Feel natural with 7 organic options, pre-blended for you. PERSONAL: Discover the first portable diffuser. The most intimate aromatherapy experience. And EFFECTIVE: Feel the way you want, with multiple ingredients heated to the perfect temperature.
    I was very skeptical of using these at first but after doing lots of research and reading lots of reviews it’s definitely put my mind at easy. They are very easy to use even if you are a beginner. You simply breath in until the light at the end goes it’s colour. For example Zen’s colour is purple so they light with go purple on the end. You inhale the vapourised water and oils and breath out either through your nose or mouth. You can take up to a few puffs a day depending on how much you need it. Each diffuser can last for up to …. weeks depending on how often you use it. I was skeptical about a few of the flavours but they don’t bother me, they are weak enough not to bother you but strong enough to make a difference if that makes sense. ACTIVE has a slight peppery taste but nothing too strong, HAPPY has a sweet taste and ZEN has a more woody and herby taste. They come packaged up in their own cases to protect them and a pretty box which is in another box to protect them so nothing gets damaged. These contain 0 Artificial Chemicals, 0 Tobacco and 0 Nicotine so these aren’t addictive or like smoking cigarettes so they are perfectly fine to use. 

    There are only a few cons with these. As the company is based in America they do take quite a while to arrive I think my order took about 3-4 weeks from dispatching to delivery and you also get hit by Tax and Customs which is standard for ordering from America. And also sometimes they do leave your mouth feeling dry after using if you’ve used it a few times in a row so make sure you drink water or something after using them to get rid of the dryness. As it’s vaporised water it does zap out the moisture from your mouth. 

    You can check MONQ out via their Website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

    Zen MONQ $20.00 (£14.84)
    Happy MONQ $20.00 (£14.84) 
    Active MONQ $20.00 (£14.84)
    Rose Gold MONQ Necklace $30.00 (£22.27)

    Have you heard of these before? Will you give them a try?


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    The MONQ Therapeutic Air Diffuser: The Natural Way For Using Aromatherapy Oils