• #BLOGMASDAY7 The absolute joys (sarcasm) you come across when in the online dating world.If you’ve ever delved into the world of online dating you probably would have come across some if not all of these – the things we come across whilst online dating some are just plain weird and others just make you cringe!

    1. The obscene amount of dick pics we get sent – We’ve all come across those guys who are too proud of what they’ve got and always send you a dick pic even when you didn’t ask for one. Especially when I’m not the type of girl to just sleep with anyone she fancies they really bug me. I don’t want to see another dick pic ever again!

    2. Ghosters – Keep aware of the amount of ghosters you will come across, it’s inevitable that you will come across quite a lot in your time whilst online dating. They may come across all nice and interested and as soon as they sense any form of commitment in the path they just disappear into thin air never to be seen or heard from again. Even without a single explanation.

    3. Obsessed with sex freaks – It may not be what you want in a relationship or even in a guy but you are bound to come across those types of guys who just can’t stop thinking about their own d*ck and even say some disgusting comments about wanting to f*ck you. I avoid these guys like the plague because for starters it’s just disgusting and also it’s not what I’m after just yet. No wonder why these guys are still single when they just send some disgusting messages that just make you cringe.

    4. Older guys wanting younger girls whilst posing as a mid 20s guy – I’ve had a few message me who’s profile says they are in their mid 20s but they’re actually a lot older and are after a younger girl and their profile pictures are from their younger days. Again not what I’m after aha, I even had one message me who’s older than my Dad – and that’s just plain weird!

    5. Those not looking for anything serious– These guys are also probably after only one thing but are also not looking for a serious relationship and are always after FUN. That lovely word us girls are hearing across social media and dating sites.

    6. Guys calling you by a completely different name– I’ve had quite a few guys message me using a completely different name to my profile and my actual name. I’m sat there looking at my phone thinking ‘Are you being serious?’ My freaking name isn’t Emily. WTF?!

    What joys have you come across? Do you have any funny dating stories or advice?
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