• It’s inevitable that certain things in life will make us rather anxious whether we suffer from anxiety or not but constantly suffering from anxiety on a day to day basis – you start to realise the most silly and ridiculous things that make you anxious and have a mild attack from which aren’t always things to worry about.

    Answering the phone
    When I first started working after I left school, from working in my local bakery shop in which my Dads the baker to now working in my current job in a financial services office answering the phones is a big part of my job and literally as soon as I heard that phone ring I just wanted to run away and hide in the toilet and not come out. I don’t know what it is about it that really freaks me out because no one can see me but it’s initiating that conversation with a stranger that really got to me. My palms would sweat and my hands would shake and I would have no idea what to say. As I gradually eased myself into answering the phones I feel a lot more comfortable but still have the odd bad day where things would go wrong and I’d muck up but I’m only human and I’m not perfect. I still never use the phone to contact people unless I need to.

    Seeing someone you like, like or comment on someone else’s photo/post
    When you really like someone and you grow feelings for them, if I see them liking someone else’s post or photo more than mine I will literally feel sick to my stomach and freak out because I think they don’t like me anymore. It probably sounds stupid but I fear being left or abandoned for no reason and I essentially don’t want to lose that person I really like, especially if the other person is a lot more prettier than I am.

    Being left on ‘READ’ or not even read at all for ages
    I’ve taken the time to send someone a message and initiate a conversation with them which at times does take a lot for me to do especially if I like them, and if it just gets left on READ and they haven’t bothered to reply back or even if they ignore the message and not bother to reply – it really does bug me and makes me worry about if it’s something I’ve said or if they are annoyed at me messaging them.

    Being ghosted
    I’ve been ghosted quite a few times whilst trying to date and quite frankly it really does piss me off. The fact that I’ve had a good conversation with this other person for quite a while and we want to make it a date and then they just bugger off and leave without saying a word or explanation really does get to me. Have I said or done something wrong? What’s wrong with me? All these questions start running through my head and all because this a-hole couldn’t be bothered to explain himself and grow a pair to give me a reason as to why.

    When I meet someone nice and fear they are going to leave me
    I’ve had this quite a few times whether it be new friends or a potential date, once I meet them and get to know them I really freak out that they are going to leave me. Most of them do end up leaving me and eventually ghosting me but I seem to obsess over someone in the fear they are going to leave.

    Being alone when on public transport
    I always freak out when I have to go on public transport by myself especially in London. I always have to vigorously plan my journey and know exactly what stops to get off and which direction to go on on the tube whether it be Eastbound or Southbound etc. I have this huge fear or getting lost and not knowing where to go next or have anyone to ask for directions. I always seem to have those horrible dreams where I get lost in a massive Tesco’s with all the isles spread out like a maze and not being able to find my way out – just shows my fear of being lost and not knowing my way back.

    Buying something in a shop/having to order in a restaurant
    I know shop assistants and waiters are meant to make you feel welcome but I always feel a little intimidated when buying something at the checkout or asking a question to restaurant staff. I go all shy and have no idea what to say whether something be wrong or not. I always put on a nervous laughter front and have no idea what to do with myself if I’m stood waiting, I will always seem to be checking my purse and making sure I have enough money on me to buy or sorting through my purse for old receipts or coins.

    What makes you anxious? Are they as silly as my reasons?

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