• Our little hotel in Siem Reap was hidden down a backstreet and away from the busy noise from the centre of town which was perfect as the roads are so busy and noisy with everyone tooting their horns at each other.

    Once we arrived at Siem Reap International Airport, two tuk tuk drivers from our hotel, Rambutan Resort came and picked us up with our luggage and drove us to the hotel, it was a very different experience but a very fun one as we got to see a bit of the countryside and local surroundings. (You can see a quick video of this on my Insta-stories) We were greeted with a welcome drink and also talked through all the hotel offered as we drank our cold drink and a cold flannel to cool down with. We also had a quick peek at our swimming pool which was small but enough to chill by and it was a very peaceful little resort which I like – not super noisy or filled with lots of Chinese people.

    We were then showed our rooms, Mum and Dad had an upstairs room which was up some stairs and above the breakfast dining area and mine was a two floor bedroom with a double bed, sofa upstairs and lovely bathroom. The stairs were rather scary to go up but I managed. You are given lots of essentials in the room including anti-mosquito spray and a tennis racket zapper thing that you can kill the mosquito’s with which was rather satisfying once you caught one. The bathroom upstairs including a walk in shower, sink and a toilet and plenty of space for toiletries on the worktop by the sink. You also get shampoo and shower gel in the shower in nice ceramic bottles which I am always scared of dropping when my hands are wet as they are so heavy. Downstairs in the sleeping area I had a wardrobe, safe, tv and a mini bar with a kettle and coffee/tea making items and also my tennis racket zapper and the spray. All of the staff in the hotel were so friendly and was always happy to help when we asked for directions or tips and throughout our stay too.


    What do you think of this hotel? Would you stay here if you stayed in Siem Reap?

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