• As it’s my first time travelling to Iceland I really wanted to create an easy packing guide for those travelling there during their summer. I’m still going with warm-ish clothes but bringing a lot of layers with me for when it gets cold. The average temperature is said to be about 12′ celsius which is pretty much the average here in the UK. We are only travelling light as we are taking 1 suitcase between 4 of us and going for 5 days, so I bought a lot of items which can be mixed and matched with each other to get the most out of the clothes I’m bringing with me.

    I first purchased my snow boots as I knew they would be the hardest thing to get hold of especially being out of season for winter clothing so I searched the internet high and low for the best shoes, best price and especially in my size (I’m a size womens UK 9 which is an absolute pain to buy for!) Luckily Sorel came to my rescue, the were without a doubt the only brand that did the shoes I wanted in my size. I took some inspiration from other bloggers who have travelled to Iceland and recommended Sorel shoes as the best. I went for the Sorel Caribou Snow Boots in Black as I knew they would go with anything that I wore, they come with a removeable fur lining on the inside depending on how much warmth you’d need on your feed and also all the material is waterproof which is another feature I wanted in the shoes I got, they also have great grips on the bottom for when we are hiking and visiting waterfalls.

    I then purchased my outerwear as I also knew it would be hard to get hold of, and searched multiple websites from Roxy to Mountain Warehouse and Roxy finally came to my rescue. I got their Jet Ski Jacket in this pretty black and white with pops of colour jacket which has lots of pockets and a faux fur lining around the hood. (Of course it has to be faux fur), I then picked up their Dipsy Hoodie in Grey for a more casual outfit if I wore it with my skinny jeans to wear during the day, it’s also snug fitted so it keeps the wind out and acts like a wind break. I also picked up a pair of their Pilot Of Storm Fingerless Gloves and then their Tonic Cuff Beanie in black and white and also their Liner Snow Gloves which are a lot thinner than the woolen gloves but are perfect for daily wear if it gets cold.

    I then made an order with Dorothy Perkins for some everyday wear, I picked up my favourite black skinnies which are their Bailey Super Skinny Stretch Jeans and also some dark navy skinnies which are their Baily High Waisted Super Skinny Stretch Jeans. I then picked up some more casual tops their Only Stripe Jumper Top with bell sleeves in both navy and ivory & then ivory and navy for when it’s warm-ish and then I picked up a few different jumpers for when it’s slightly colder and more windy, I picked up their Ivory Tie Sleeve Jumper, Navy and Ivory Stripe Jumper with pink bands around the neckline and sleeves and their Block Stripe Jumper.

    I will keep you updated on anything else I bring to Iceland!

    – Thermals
    – Gloves
    – Hat
    – Scarf
    – Thick Trousers (Jeans)
    – Jumpers/Jumper Tops
    – Thick Coat
    – Waterproof Snow Boots with Grips
    – Thick Socks



    What would you pack for Iceland?

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