• Find out what nail colours I’ve been loving recently.Take a little peek into what nail colours and styles I’ve been wearing from April to September. I try to mix and match and always try out different shades and styles depending on my mood and the season. My absolute favourite looks from this post are Look 3 and Look 4. This is the last Nail Diary in my series as it doesn’t get much engagement anymore but you’ll be able to see my future nail looks on my Instagram. 

    Deborah Lippmann in Love Hangover 

    Nailed London by Rosie Fortescue in Thigh High Club
    Essie Angora Cardi and Essie Buy Me A Cameo
    Barry M Blue Glacier and Essie Silver Glitter
    Deborah Lippmann in Cherries Jubilee
    Deborah Lippmann in Boys N Berries
    OPI in Can’t Read Without My Lipstick
    Nailed London by Rosie Fortescue in Knight Rider
    Nailed London by Rosie Fortescue in Man Eater 

    April – I had purchased a new nail polish to try from the brand Deborah Lippmann which I instantly fell in love with the dusty purple shade of this polish, I also love the name of the polish.

    May – I went back to my deep burgundy shade from Rosie’s range with Nailed London as the weather was pretty dreary and cold.

    End of May – I searched through the nail bars colour options and found these two gorgeous shades, one was a pinky purple and the other was a metallic rose gold shade which I had on my ring fingers that I had on both hands. This pairing went so well together. 

    June – My holiday to Iceland came and I wanted to choose shades to match the cold snowy weather. I had bought a nail polish from Barry M’s Molten Metallic range called Blue Glacier which was very apt and I paired it with a silver glittery polish from Essie which I had on both my ring fingers.

    July – I got my nails done before Goodwood’s Festival Of Speed and my hike up Mount Snowdon so I went for a gorgeous berry shade which I had bought from Deborah Lippmann in a berry themed set.

    End of July – I was in desperate need of my nails doing again after Wales so I got them a little shorter than normal and it feels so good. I wanted to try another one of my Deborah Lippmann polishes in this lovely dark purple colour.

    August – During August I really wanted to go back into my autumnal shades so went for a burgundy shade by OPI called I Can’t Read Without My Lipstick. 

    September – We have hit September now and I am already ready for Halloween and Christmas. This year has flown by it’s absolutely crazy! I wanted to delve back into my nail polish stash and picked out my Knight Rider polish by Nailed London and Rosie Fortescue! A gorgeous black/grey with hints of metallic silver in it!

    End of September – My final nail look for this part of my nail diary and I’ve gone back to my burgundy red shade from Nailed London with the shade Man Eater which I love for the autumn months.

    What nail styles have you been loving recently? Which nail design is your favourite?

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