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    My dream travel destinations that I would love to visit! There are so many beautiful places to see in the world and not enough time to see them! These are some of the stunning places in the world that I would love to visit next! Are any of these on your ‘To travel to list’? If you’ve been to any of these places, please let me know the best things to do there and any tips you have. I always get struck by Wanderlust and always dream of going to soooo many places in the world as soon as I cross another one off my bucket list. After coming back from Thailand in January, I have been pledging to myself that I will try and visit as many places in my life as I can as there is so much beauty in the world to see. I ideally want to visit every country at least once and eventually tick every country/place off my bucket list and my scratch map.

    Havana, Cuba
    There is just something about Havana’s colourful buildings and retro cars that has really made me want to visit there. It will be the perfect photography subject capturing all the beautiful colourful buildings and architecture.
    Reykjavik, Iceland
    I’m not usually one to love the cold weather as I’m always getting ill but I do love wearing cozy warm clothes and sitting in front of the fire with the family, however there is just something about Iceland that has really made me want to visit, especially to see the Northern Lights which look so stunning and would be great to photograph.
    Hawaii, USA
    Probably one of the US States that I would love to visit most and say I’ve actually been. I just love the tropical vibes of it and the beaches look stunning.
    Bali, Indonesia
    Since going to Thailand, Bali has instantly been added to my list. With the same vibes as Thailand and being such a zen and religious country it has been one that has really excited me and intrigued me to going.
    Tokyo, Japan
    Since being in love with Anime and Japanese culture a couple of years ago, Japan has been on my to travel list for ages. We were planning on going there next year but since finding out the price of flights being £500+ I think it has been put off for quite some time now but it is definitely still on my to travel to list. Tokyo is probably the main place I want to visit and see Mount Fuji, Yokohama Centre with all their big shopping outlets and definitely visit the Cherry Blossom trees and lots of shrines and temples as well as trying some sake wine and sushi.
    What are your dream travel to places? Are any of these on your list?
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