• What my favourite meals were since #Veganuary! I’ve decided to write down some of my favourite meals or dishes that I’ve eaten to help me and others along if you are taking part in #Veganuary or if you are already vegan and need some more inspiration. *If it goes well I may continue to be vegan as it’s quite a huge transition* but one I wanted to try as it’s healthier, supposedly cheaper and better to not eat meat as I’m now cruelty free and I care about animal welfare. If anyone has any quick, easy and affordable recipes for me to make whilst I’m at work. If anyone has recommendations for good vegan cookbooks I would be grateful. Disclaimer: some of these meals do still contain cheese and dairy but I am slowly phasing that out from my diet and I have completely cut meat out to start with. 

    Levi Roots Caribbean Smokehouse Restaurant Roti Brap Wraps
    Roti Brap Wraps served in a warmed soft traditional Caribbean flat bread filled with shredded lettuce, Caribbean slaw and Levi Roots BBQ Reggae Sauce with roasted butternut squash, peppers and pineapple with ‘skin on fries’ chips on the side which are their sweet potato fries. I didn’t have much breakfast at home before I went to London on Friday only a slice of toast with yeast extract on it which is of course vegan friendly and didn’t eat much throughout the day other than a Costa cake and hot chocolate.

    Beans on Toast
    If I want something quick and easy for ‘brunch’ when I’m feeling lazy, I love making beans on toast with some vegan friendly grated cheese. I got up quite late on Saturday as I was so tired from getting back late from London so I had beans on toast for brunch to get me through the day with blog planning and spending time with family.

    Mums Noodle Curry
    My mum was an absolute babe and made me a vegan version of her noodle curry that we had on Saturday night. She substituted the chicken with potato and butternut squash to help fill it out and added baby corn, runner beans and some vegan party food nibbles on the side. This was really yummy!

    Mums Chili Con Carne
    We had chili con carne on Sunday night which mum substituted the meat for me and made it vegan friendly with Quorn mince and added lots of beans, peppers and passata.

    Butternut Squash Soup 
    For lunch mum had made us both butternut squash soup with pasta noodles, a hint of chilli and pepper for a little kick and the pasta helped bulk it out. I then had a packet of Pom Bears.

    Dads Quinoa Concoction
    I have no idea what to call this meal but Dad made a pretty awesome concoction for tonight’s meal and added some yummy vegan bits in for me which he’d cooked sweet potato fries, cauliflower, and packets of vegan Mediterranean rice and quinoa that has now been released into the M&S food range which I need to check out and added some vegan mayo on the side for this random but yummy concoction.

    Dads Veggie Concoction 
    Dad created a really random concoction of suede smash, mash potato, chips and vegetables . 

    Veggie Burger and Sweet Potato Fries 
    Went to our local pub The Two Brewers in Marlow and I had their veggie burger with sweet potato fries on the side. It was super yummy! 

    No.5 Beaconsfield Focaccia Bread with Marmite and Garlic Butter Spreads
    We went to a new-ish restaurant in Beaconsfield called No.5 London Street which was pretty awesome and for a starter I had their focaccia bread with a marmite and also a garlic butter spread on the side which was different and perfect for a light starter. 

    No.5 Beaconsfield Halloumi Burger
    I then went for their halloumi burger which was rather big, so much so I couldn’t eat my fries that I had on the side. It was yummy and the cheese was super creamy.

    Mums Thai Curry
    Mum made this amazing thai curry one night for me, she used my Quorn chicken fillets and seasoned them with chicken stock and put peppers and green beans with it and rice on the side and then she made these yummy chick pea patties which had a bit of spice in them.

    Mums Roast Dinner
    Mum makes the best roast dinners, for this one she put all the roast dinner trimmings inside a massive Yorkshire pudding with carrots, broccoli, runner beans, mash potato and carrot and suede mash and I had Quorn and Linda McCartney sausages.

    Prezzo Queen Margarita Pizza
    I have to say I used to love my meat feast pizzas when I was eating meat but this pizza was so yummy. Split into 3 sections with tomatoes in one, mozzarella in another and spinach and asparagus in the other.

    Bear Fruit Yo Yos
    I found these on the Vegan Kind website and decided to order the Pineapple flavoured ones and really enjoyed them and then I found them being sold in Co-Op so picked up a another flavour in Strawberry and really liked those too so I always buy these for little snacks at work.

    Nakd Bars
    I tried my first nakd bar when I was in the airport on my way to Thailand and I tried the Cherry Bakewell flavour which was nice, I still have to get used to the texture and consistency of it, I’ve now also tried the Cocoa Orange ones and I’m still making my mind up on these guys.

    What vegan meals have you tried or love eating? Let me know in the comments below.

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